ice golem hog deck

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Ice Golem Hog Deck Arena8+

Hey guys,ExordiumClashYouTube here today I am going to show you an outstanding and easy to use Ice Golem Hog deck which is rocking in Arena 9 at the moment.With the current New Ice Golem Card Hog is Gonna be Powerfull  I think this the best Ice Golem hog Deck push to legendary arena 

Ice Golem Hog Deck

Ice Golem Hog Deck Mechanics:

Your main push force before the 1:00 double elixir comes will be the Valkyrie, Ice Golem and Hog. A small pig push can simply consist of the same troops without the Valkyrie, which I have tried and works amazingly. The Hog gets 1-2 extra shots in which can, and so far has, given the win.

Your defensive Cards can be used likewise – the Ice Golem is an amazing card for large pushes, including the Witch, and Valkyrie can be used to finish off pushes. The Cannon and Spear Goblins are a great cheap counter to Giant forefront pushes, and can eliminate tanks with ease. Valkyrie handles the ranged troops taking the backline. The Log can be used to push away troops like the Giant that have reached the tower, or to weaken Witch, Musketeer, Wizard or any other small troops. Swarms can be dealt with very easily. It is also an amazing kite, and can tank/decoy for you while dealing with larger pushes.


Ice Golem Hog Deck The Strategy:

I suggest using the Valkyrie, Ice Golem or Hog, Ice Golem push to chip damage at the tower until it is Elixir boost time. This ensures your defense is solid and just cannot be broken through. Since most Cards in the Deck are cheap and cycle-based, you can use an entire set of Cards, of course minus the Cannon, for offensive pushes towards the end – and your Elixir will soon be back up again. Ice Golem Hog Deck

The Zap works amazingly with the Ice Golem at defeating defensive structures, so you will have no problems with the Inferno Tower. Ice Golem Hog Deck

Ice Golem Hog Deck Conclusion:

All I can say is that I REALLY want feedback on this! the Deck has been Working well for me, let me know What do you think about this ice golem hog deck !