Ice Golem Double Prince Deck

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Ice Golem Double Prince Deck Arena 7+

Hi Guys Hyp3rion.Akki back today to review the Dark Prince, Prince and the newly Card Ice Golem Essentially you could compare this to the popular Giant Poision deck. I view it as a cheaper version that offers a lot more versatility while not having to invest in a 7 Elixir P.E.K.K.A. Ice Golem Double Prince Deck

This Ice Golem Double Prince Deck is super fun to play and a very hard to stop combo if you are not prepared for it, but also really hard to stop because of how strong the counter push will be. Ice Golem Double Prince Deck

Ice Golem Double Prince Deck

Ice Golem Double Prince Deck Card Role:

Dark Prince: The second of the four horsemen. Dark Prince is a great card to assist all these single target units. Generally he will go behind the Prince or Ice Golem clearing out the cheap troops used to distract Princes / Mini P.E.K.K.A. But besides at taking out cheap troops the Dark Prince is also great at taking out barbarians or even trading with your opponent Mini P.E.K.K.A if the fight is on your side of the field.


Prince: The third of the four horsemen. Prince offers insane single target DPS. You generally want Front in t of your pushes, allowing the Ice Golem  to tank for him.I generally like to have plop him behind my king tower to get his charge going, then drop Ice Golem or Soupporting Troop in front or even both depending on my elixir.Prince offers similar roles to Mini P.E.K.K.A in this deck so not much else to say about this powerful card. Ice Golem Double Prince Deck

Ice Golem: The Ice Golem tanks for the two Princes, and when it dies, it’ll slow down everything in the area near it, as well as do a bit of damage. This is quite useful to have in a push, as even if a Minion Horde is destroying your push, the Ice Spirit will freeze for 2 seconds, and then when they’re unfrozen they’ll be slowed by the death of the Ice Golem. Ice Golem Double Prince Deck

Ice Spirit: Once again with many of my other new decks, Ice Spirit offers insane versatility. For just 1 Elixir you’re able to cycle your deck and Freeze for 2 seconds.This card can be a beast on defense BUT can also accompany many pushes and be even stronger on offense. 

Mini-Pekka: Your secondary winning condition After Double Prince.Great defensive card, play her against high HP troops like giant, royal giant, golem or any medium HP troop like hog, musketeer (if necessary), valkyrie, etc. Mount a counterpush when you can, I prefer to save my mini pekka for defense specially if the opponent is running RG, hog or a mirror miner deck. Sometimes it is ok to play her proactively if you have a big advantage. This girl is your secondary winning condition, so get her to the tower when you can and have zap ready Ice Golem Double Prince Deck

Elixir Collector: With any expensive deck you will need to run the elixir collectors. With popular decks that use Miners and spells, you have to position your collectors correctly to make sure you can keep your collectors alive. The great thing about this deck is any of the 4 horsemen are able to protect your collectors from Miners and then become a counter push.

Zap: Although the Zap got nerfed but IMO it is pretty balanced now and I have nothing to complain about that. Use Zap to either cycle through your deck, to deal with small units or to reset Sparky, Inferno Tower, Prince, Royal Giant… Ice Golem Double Prince Deck

Fire Spirit : Fire spirits will be the poor mans Princess in this deck. If you have Princess set her up in the back to assist the deadly pushes. If you don’t you can use Fire Spirits behind the pushes but definitely be more careful of troop placement because you don’t want to give your enemy a value Zap that resets the prince charges while also killing your Fire Spirits.

Ice Golem Double Prince Deck General Game Plan:

Starting off with any deck that uses Elixir Pump you want to get your pumps down.I generally like putting them in the back corners because you can easily predict the Miner position. If the enemy runs Miner just protect your pumps with any of the four horsemen.After you protect it send a counter push while you have the elixir advantage.Essentially you just want to have as many pumps down as possible just as double elixir hits because that’s when the deck really shines. Ice Golem Double Prince Deck

The deck revolves around defending with your four horsemen then just counter pushing with them. Don’t go too aggressive at the start, what you want to do is play conservatively defending and setting up pumps. WHILE also analyzing and studying your opponents cards.You want to figure out if they are using Inferno Towers, Minions / Horde, etc. Just typical things that counter your deck. Ice Golem Double Prince Deck

Once you figure out how your opponent is going to defend, you then counter attack full force when it hits Double Elixir. This is where Fire Spirits come in if you don’t have Princess. If they are running Minions or Horde you have to time it so the Fire Spirits will clear out the horde and leave your horsemen’s barely scratched. This is why I say Fire Spirits are the poor mans Princess due to the fact that they take more skill and precise timing. 

Thanks For Reading This Ice Golem Double Prince Deck Guide and If have any question Then Fell Free To ask!!!