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How to use and counter the miner Hey guys today We’ll be talking about how to counter the miner recently  we saw miner is the most useable card in tournaments every one is using miner.
how to use and counter the miner


Use miner

The miner can be deployed anywhere on the map.You need to analyze the psychology behind it’s deployment
The most cost effective card to counter miner are Skeletons or Goblins. They’re perfect when your opponent doesn’t have a zap on hand.Other wise glass cannons or mini tanks are the next best choices .Knight or Mini P.E.K.K.A come to mind To counter the miner,use miner
His pathing is predictable to a degree As soon as he reaches the bridge, you can tell if he’s going to go left or right,use miner
From there if your opponent deploys him on the tower.The Miner’s going to split again, left or right
Due to the 1 second serve delay.The most helpful indication is the first split before the bridge
If you hover a unit around his dirt.Another visual indication is the exclamation mark
When you deploy a miner on the tower, there are 4 sides to choose from,use miner
On the inner tile this is the kill zone where the other arena tower can target the Miner as well,use miner
use mineruse miner
use miner
The corner tile are just barely out of range.But he can easily be pushed into range
Because of this, it’s safe to assume most players won’t deploy him there.On the other hand
Miner deployment is a psychological game.Maybe you do want to plant him the kill zone
Another uncommon area of deployment is the front side,use miner

Because of that, the two most preferred sides are behind the arena tower And on the outer side Now that you know where he’ll path  And you know the side where he’ll most likely be planted on You have to learn your opponent and try to predict his moves 


Since it’s generally not a good idea to plant the Miner in front And on the inside, you can rule out these tiles
Now you have to guess if he’ll be on the side or behind The best tiles to take advantage of this is the corner tiles,use miner
Your units won’t have to walk far for either the top or the side Take note on where your opponent places the Miner,use miner
Some players will continue this pattern for the entire game And you’ll be able to predict the Miner 100% of the time,use miner
use miner
If you’re desperate to protect your tower You can use high cost units such as the Minion Horde to take out the Miner,use miner

Be careful not to be out predicted . Miner is very usefull for counter to princes,use miner

 The Miner is a hard counter the buildings
He’ll destroy passive buildings for a positive elixir trade.Once you discover your opponent has a Miner

Unless you have high damage troops such as Mini P.E.K.K.A  Or goblins to kill the Miner, it’s not a good idea to use the elixir pump anymore Similar to the arena tower

If the elixir pump is planted beside the King’s tower Generally these tiles are avoided because the Miner will go straight to the King’s tower
It’s an amazing location to use the Miner as most people are unfamiliar with this positioning
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