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Guide on How to Use lightning spell  Lightning Spell

Hey guys, smallclanVT here back with another guide. Today we are going to go over how yo use the Lightning Spell, as it is currently very underrated. use lightning spell

The Inferno Tower and Elixir Collector are two of the most popular cards in the game right now. This is of much benefit to the Lightning Spell, as it has a wide range, and hits three high-hitpoint targets. You can Lightning their defensive structure, Elixir Collector, and Crown Tower- all for 6 elixir. I am surprised that it isn’t meta yet. use lightning spell

Use lightning spell

How to fit it into your very own deck

The Lightning Spell goes FANTASTIC with tanky troops right now. Chances are, most of you are running Lava Hound or Giant right now. Maybe even some of you are (doot warning) using the Giant Skeleton! Either way, the Lightning Spell can make your push significantly better. Something that will be almost necessary with Lightning Spell is the Elixir Collector, due to its high cost. use lightning spell


If you don’t run an elixir collector with your Lightning Spell you are very likely to get behind on elixir. Make sure that before you start summoning Zeus you have a few collectors down. use lightning spell

Now, back to the tanks. Once you have your elixir collectors down and are sure that the opponent is not about to start a push, drop your tank or slow moving troop like the bowler in the back. This will give your elixir collectors time to restore elixir and create room for your Lightning. Once your slow moving troop reaches the crown tower, drop your primary support troop (musketeer, wizard, mega minion, etc). Once your push is nearing the bridge, drop your other slow moving troop (if it is the tank, drop it in front, support drop it in back). After that, prepare to drop your Lightning Spell! Due to the lack of swarmy-ness of your push, an Inferno Tower will likely be dropped, only to be annihilated by the Lightning instantly, also killing either:

A: a mini pekka

B: a musketeer

C: an elixir collector

D: a mega minion

And so on and so forth. The Inferno, even though it will have some health left, will be reset and your push will carry on. The crown will also take damage, and a bonus troop will be killed/damage. Talk about value! Even if it only hits the Inferno and the Crown, it is still a good trade! use lightning spell

Use lightning spell on defense

The Lightning Spell can also be utilized on defense, making insane trades. For example, that exact push you just made is coming back at you, but they foolishly dont have the Lightning Spell. You can Lightning all of their support, killing musketeers, mini pekkas, mega minions, and taking about half of a Bowler’s life. Just make sure to try to AVOID THE TANK. It would asorb the Lightning pretty well, so try to hit only thr support. And as an added bonus, it now resets Sparky, and takes a big chunk of his health, making yet another counter. use lightning spell

Today is a quicker guide, as it was more specific than my last.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.