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Hello! I’m VriskyS, Vriska Serket in game. I’m in either Silent or UDSD, I’m at around 3800 trophies, with a PB of 4030. I’m here to explain the Baby Dragon Guide and You Can Also Check Out My Other Guides Which I was Made On Tornado And Inferno Dragon Here

Table Of Contents

  1. Baby Dragon Explanation
  2. Strong V Weak To
  3. How to Attack
  4. How to Defend
  5. Conclusion

Baby Dragon Explanation

The baby dragon is a very strange card when compared to the other options. He has moderate health, moderate to low damage, but it’s also splash damage and he flies. His elixir cost is also 4, and personally, a flying, low damage but high health wizard is a fantastic deal! The baby dragon is not supposed to be a special, ultra-power win condition, but rather an all-around filler.


Strong V Weak To

Bolded Name means that the card can’t tank baby dragon shots well, but has enough DPS to kill him pretty quickly Italicized means that the card will suffer losses in numbers, or more than 1/2 health

The Baby Dragon Is Weak To: (3) Musketeer, Minion horde, The Arena Tower, Inferno Dragon, Inferno Tower, Hidden Tesla, Mega Minion, Wizard, Lightning, Rocket.

The Baby Dragon is Moderate Against: Baby Dragon, Minions, Ice Wizard, Balloon, Archers.

The Baby Dragon is great against: Skeletons, Skeleton Army, Guards, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Fire Spirits, Princess, Barbarians, All Spawners and minions, when played incorrectly.

There rest of the cards either have minimal reactions, such as the ice spirit just freezing the BD (Baby Dragon) one on one, and things like the giant and royal giant having so much health the BD just doesn’t do enough damage and is irrelevant. Please note that, this dosen’t mean it’s not good against them, sometimes a BD’s splash damage can kill support troops!

How to Attack Baby Dragon Guide

So, the baby dragon is in my list of support troops, not very good at one particular thing, but good all around. Thus, I call it my Wild Card: Some people say he doesn’t have enough damage, but he has enough to deal with swarms! I will now explain some strategies to attack with.

HE IS NOT A TANK: Put him behind a tank with some higher, single target DPS troops such as the musketeer or the archers, and he can help! His damage can one shot skeletons and seriously damage goblins, and kill spear goblins.

HE IS GOOD WITH ZAP: A common counter is to play a minion horde or minions around the BD. He will most likely die from the minion horde regardless, and to standard minions with some other support. Now, if you have zap, you can zap the horde real quick, the BD’s first shot kills half a horde, than his 2nd shot kills the rest, or all but 1! It’s really easy too! Just don’t use it on standard minions, it’s not worth it.

WINDY SKIES: If you have the baby dragon targeting something like a musketeer, but your other troops are tanking for the BD, you can play a Tornado at the center of the tower, forcing the troop next to the tower, getting that bonus damage on the tower, because he has splash damage.

How to Defend Baby Dragon Guide

There’s not much to this section, it mainly consists of 3 points. Using him as a tank, using him with spells (Zap, Tornado) or using him with certain troops.

TANKING TROOPS WITH HIM: He’s great for tanking on defense, as long as it isn’t too high of a DPS against him. Remember the Strong V Weak part? Reference that for what to use him against when on defense, but also remember that when using him on defense that he is not the tankiest, and place him on top of ranged troops as he has close to melee range, and give him space to attack spirits, as all troops have that 1-3 second deploy time!

SPELLY BREATH: Just like offense, he’s great with the same 2 spells on defense. Just use tornado to group up troops and have him decimate them with fireballs, he will get 1-2 good fireballs in, and maybe one more if your lucky. Zap can finish off the minions, or even support him against an inferno dragon (The Inferno Dragon is my only baby dragon!)

SPECIAL INTERACTIONS: There are a few troops I use him with on defense, the ice spirit, ice golem, and the inferno dragon! Ice spirit and Ice golem are meant to slow and distract, just make sure the attacking troops don’t kill your ice spirit! The Inferno Dragon is one of my combos, the DUAL DRAGONS! Pretty much a good combo, the baby dragon kills swarms, the inferno dragon kills tanks. Just support them with spells in case of something too strong, and you should be fine!

In Conclusion, the baby dragon is an extremely well-rounded card that is suitable in most decks, and can retain his place as a tanky, flying, splash damage troop! I hope you liked reading it and good luck in the arena!

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Thanks for reading this Baby Dragon Guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.

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