Counter Royal Giant

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Hi Guys starkawa here and today i am going to show you How To Effectively Use and Counter Royal Giant Since I have played with royal Giant (level 12) to high trophy count (4850 last season). Along the way, I have also played against lots of them. So I want to share some tips both on how to effectively use and counter this card so let’s take a look at this Counter Royal Giant guide

Counter Royal Giant

  How to Use Royal Giant:  

  • Royal GG Placement: If your opponent is storing elixir and/or using troops to counter the royal GG, place him at the front of the bridge with support troops/spells ready to counter their counter. If your opponent is using building to counter the royal GG, place him from the back of the king tower to build up elixir and execute lightning to destroy the building and hopefully 1 more support troop. Switch up the placement sometimes to make it harder for your opponents to cycle their defense cards (e.g., start with 1 at the back and the 2nd one at the front)  
  • Defense: Royal GG is not an efficient card for elixir trade, which means you are vulnerable to counter attack or split lane attack. So it is critical to have a lot of positive elixir trade defense cards in the deck (e.g., furnace, ice spirit/ice golem, mega minions, etc.). One of the defense cards could potentially be a second attack card (e.g., elite barbs, mini pekka). A lot of time, it’s important to not launch a royal GG attack even it’s in rotation just to build back the elixir balance by focusing on defense.  
  • Lane decisions: Try not to pick the same lane as the opponent as royal GG is not as great a tank as golem, giant, or lava hound, and that means your support troops will be killed by the opponent’s support troop once they take down your royal GG. However, if you are down 0-1 and the opponent tower health on both lanes are not very different, I will push on the same lane your tower has been destroyed to force opponents to either attack the king tower or split their elixirs on both lanes.

How to Counter Royal Giant:  

  • Long-term: Elixir pump. Many Royal GG users don’t carry rocket and/or miner, so elixir pump is a hard counter in the long term as you will build up advantage over time and win in the late game. As a royal GG user, I am most afraid of facing elixir pump.  
  • Short-term: Building is the most effective quick-counter against royal GG; just don’t place another supporting troops close to the building and tower to give opponents lightning too much value. It is also important to learn how to vary the building location (e.g., placing the inferno tower right next to the river) to not give opponents lightning value.  
  • When not to defend: If your tower has less than 500 health or so, I would not bother defending a royal giant and focus on my offense. It’s A-OK to let the royal GG take down one tower while you destroy two of theirs.

So Guys Good luck and let me know what you think about using and Counter Royal Giant Guide!