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Guards are beefed up Skeletons and you can find them in Royal Arena. Each Guard has a shield, which is pretty similar to Dark Prince’s Shield. That shield always can tank the first hit no matter how much damage it is. However, underneath that shield, they are very similar to Skeletons in damage, health and movement speed. counter guards 



How to Use




They’re great against units that attack a single target their effective when used to pull the mini Pekka

If you discover your opponent has a single target units such as a musketeer your guard should be reserved to counter them
The Pekka has to swing your sword six times before she can take
out all the guards giving you sample amount of time to build elixir
The guards are equipped with spears so they have a slight ranged attack you can
use this knowledge to your advantage if a ball curry is distracted by building
or tank guards can poke at her from a safe distance guards
It can create a defensive bubble for the giant during counter push
situations that can potentially distract and tank many packets for your giant

How TO Counter

If your guards aren’t at least level 3 the art worth using in tournaments example
take the shield of under leveled guards
Splash or ranged units are great cards to use to break the guard shield
the log is also a great card to use to take out their shield
The Fire Spirits are perfect for taking out the Guards. The first Spirit does massive damage to the shield and the second Spirit knocks down the shield and the third one goes in for the fatality.
guards can attack air so the baby dragon and millions are great
against the guards as well with the unique shield mechanic you’ll have to be
creative and find different combinations to disarm and take out the guards this
is a straight forward  but we wanted to emphasize that guards are ideal as a
defensive card weather for defending or pushing
they have a slow move speed 
NOTE: Guards can be also used to counter Sparky. By using their shield, Guards can survive the first shoot from the Sparky and destroy it before it hits the second time.