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How to Push Trophies

Hey Guys, kaze03 here, and today I’ll be talking about how to Push Trophies, and what it entails. Before we get started, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. Push Trophies

-I’m a level 8 player (3000/5000 XP)

-My(ingame)name is Kaze


-I average around 2300 trophies (sometimes higher, sometimes lower)

-I’m in the clan Kintsugi (18k trophies, feel free to join)

-I currently play with a Giant deathball deck of my own creation (Giant [6], Musketeer [6], Mini Pekka [6], Ice Wizard [1], Goblins [8], Cannon [8], Zap [8], Fire Spirits [9]).

-My favorite card is the Royal Giant (just kidding, it’s Goblins)

Okay, here we go!

Push Trophies

Push Trophies Getting Stuck

Ah. This is something that everyone wonders about but no one talks about. In the game, You’ll notice that you get “stuck” at a certain amount of trophies for a period of time. You’ll also notice that when you upgrade a card or make a helpful change in the way you play, your trophy count will go up. But then you’ll be stuck again. Push Trophies

What I Did

Most players progress through the first few Arenas with easy, because of how easy it is to get upgrades on your cards. Just as a side note, if you’re stuck in the lower arenas (1-4), try watching strategy videos on YouTube. I was level 7, stuck in Barbarian Bowl (crazy, huh?), and then I watched a few strategy guides and immediately shot up to Builder’s Workshop in less than a week. Still level 7, Push Trophies 

I found myself struggling against level 8 players who out matched me with higher level cards. The thing that got me over the gap was grinding out upgrades. I would focus on upgrading one card at a time, for weeks at a time, until every card in my deck was higher level. I requested twice a day and bought necessary cards from the shop if available. so kept upgrading and upgrading, rinse and repeat. If I noticed that, for instance, my Giant wasn’t performing well and was being killed too easily, I would make that upgrade a priority. Push Trophies

This type of focused, strategic upgrading is what pushed me into Royal Arena. I promise you, if you choose a deck that works for you, and focus on upgrading each and every card in it, you will succeed and move up trophies and even arenas quickly.

Legendary Cards

Upon entry into Royal Arena, I woke up at 6 am, just before school, to open a Magical Chest. I got the Ice Wizard. totally freaked out and started running around the house. it tried out in my deck, and of course, it helped me out a considerable amount. It went up 100 trophies almost instantly. But the thing is, it’s temporary. You’ll shoot up trophies, and then get stuck again, slightly higher than where you were before. My point is that Legendary Cards are not necessary to progress in the game. Push Trophies

The routine grinding of Commons and Rares is what it going to help you in the long haul. Just a single card upgrade can push you up 100 or more trophies. In my opinion, card levels, besides your strategy, are the most important thing in the game, and upgrades are a surefire way to push trophies. Legendaries are helpful, but not vital. Push Trophies 

Enjoying The Game

Sometimes people take the game way too seriously, and when they lose, it makes them rage. The truth is that everyone loses, and losing is part of the game. The sooner you accept defeat and acknowledge that your opponent played better than you at that moment in time, the better off you’ll be. It’s no use to put time and effort into a game that makes you mad. Am I right?

As soon as you take the pressure of winning and losing off of yourself, the more fun you’ll have, and the faster you’ll progress. I always love it when I’m perfectly relaxed and am playing great, and it’s all because I don’t care if I lose. Push Trophies

I’m so ridiculously focused on getting my cards upgraded that the outcome of the match doesn’t concern me whatsoever. Don’t be afraid to lose, and get your daily crown chest. It’s okay to have fun 😉

Hopefully that was helpful! Leave any questions or suggestions down below, and I’ll see you all next time. Push Trophies