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How to Get Legendary Card Hey guys it’s Hyp3rion, here to give you guys tips on getting legendary cards the chances of getting one, and my take on what you should focus on as either a player who doesn’t want to spend money and those who are looking for tips on what the cheapest way of getting legendary cards is.

1. Get Legendary Card with Golds form the shop

legendary card

The first way to get legendary cards in the game for free is by saving the. gems you getfrom free chest and by other chest and using it to buy gold. then use that gold to buy cards in theshop so on Sundays there’s usually an. epic sunday where you get double the amount of cards you would usually get in.the shop and you can usually find a legendary card on sundays in your shop.Legendary cards start appearing in the shop at Arena 8. It’s costs 40,000 Gold to purchase a quantityof 1 of those cards.




legendary card

The Second  way to get free legendary card 

this one you actually have to pay for  it’s a little bit different than the first tube so you actually  have to buy some chest witht he money that you actually have in your itunes account or your  Android account then specifically the super magical chest so forty percent of all super magical  chest actually have legendary cards the chances of you getting a legendary card in a super magical  chest is so so huge if you are in arena five and greater so that is probably the best way to actually  get it if you’re spending your own money and if you’re not spending your own money go ahead  and go to free my apps download some apps and get some free money than by some chest or by  some golds go ahead and get a legendary card in the game

   3. Legendary card by Your Luck
legendary card

The way to get free Legendary card is basically pure luck. However, the chances of finding a Legendary card inside free chests, crown chests, silver or gold chests increases dramatically as you move up in Arenas. For instance, the only Legendary Card that can be unlocked at Arena 4 is the Lava Hound, while if you’ve made it to Arena 6, then the chances of finding a Legendary card is 4 times more likely because now you can unlock the Sparky, Miner, Ice Wizard, and Lava Hound. So it’s very important that you put a lot of effort into moving up in Arenas. Not only that, moving up in Arenas also benefit you by providing you with more Gold inside your chests, higher victory gold rewards, ability to request and donate more

 Guys make sure you are opening your free chest and crown chest everd day because it’s gives you some  free gems


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