Counter Giant Hog

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How to counter Giant Hog

Hey guys, D-Mate here! Today I want to share with you How to Counter Giant Hog  Best Guide so Giant + hog can absolutely provide a supreme fire power. Using them with 4+5 elixirs is too much to commit. Anyway, defeating them is still a hinge on the level difference of the card Let’s Take a look at this How to counter Counter Giant Hog Guide

Counter Giant Hog

This combo is more uncommon, but not unseen. It is either played together for an expensive but high immediate threat, or separately to exploit defences and do chip pushes. This is how to Counter Giant Hog 

This is to find out how to counter. If they do hog goblins as a hog push but a giant Musketeer for a giant push, spend more resources countering the hog push, which is 3 elixir cheaper but still just as potent. Similarly, if they have hog zap for a hog push and giant poison mini pekkas for a giant push, spend more to deal with the giant Counter Giant Hog 


This is to prevent them from putting together strong pushes. If they can only put in part of there combo into attacks, or limited strong pushes, then you can win even if you attack both lanes. Don’t be afraid to push both lanes if the they swap. It is only more likely to draw and less likely to lose, so don’t worry! Counter Giant Hog 

This is basic. If you have cannon or bomb tower, use it primarily for hog rider defence. If you have tombstone or inferno tower, use that for giant defence. This is critical, because since both cards target towers preventing that damage over time is crucial. Counter Giant Hog 

You won’t beat this deck head on.Giant Hog  is such a powerful combo that preventing damage will take tons of elixir and leave you with none for a counter push. Giving them a reason to support there hog/giant is never a good idea. Counter Giant Hog 

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