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How To Counter Giant Balloon Guide

Hey guys, D-Mate here! Today I want to share with you How To Counter Giant Balloon Best Guide So Giant + Balloon has become popular in all arenas. Some players will quit the battle when they meet these combos because they don’t have enough troops that they can target flying units. Counter Giant Balloon

Let’s Take a look at this How to counter Giant Balloon Guide

Counter Giant Balloon

How to Counter Giant Balloon

Similar to giant hog, this is another uncommon deck that plays very aggressively. It only wins on the giant balloon combo, which is a ton of value for just 10 elixir. Counter Giant Balloon


This is the most essential price of advice I can share. There only win condition is 10 elixir, and if you force them to play defence the entire game, they can’t win! Do as much as you can to exploit there lack of elixir. You can even take an elixir disadvantage to prevent them! Counter Giant Balloon

Often times we forget that air troops such as balloon need closer defence placements for them to be lured. Doing this will slow down the balloon and allow cards such as the princess to multi-hit the giant and the balloon. Giant balloon becomes extremely potent after it takes out a tower, so doing this to prevent damage is very important Counter Giant Balloon

Many spells can help either kill the balloon or prevent balloon shots. Zap can potentially save the tower with its freeze and small damage. Fireball can take out 1/2 of a balloons health. Lightning can take out 3/4 of a balloons health, and rocket can take out 7/8 of a balloons health. If you lack a strong air defence, and don’t use cards such as minions, mega minions, or musketeer, these are your best option to take out the balloon Counter Giant Balloon

One of the weaknesses of giant poison is that once you learn how to counter it, every variation plays the same way. They rarely bother with defensive giant, and extremely rarely do they very place the giant in the back. So practise is the best way to defeat the combo, because they almost never play it differently, and when you can beat one, you can beat the rest Counter Giant Balloon

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