counter Giant Sparky

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How to Counter Giant Sparky Deck

Hi Guys, D-Mate19 here so Giant Sparky Deck combo is so deadly for Most People to face against it. Many people say the sparky is so easy to counter but I always have so much trouble against it. This beefy tank is one of the most loved troops in the game up until today.Giant  Sparky combo and a lot more are being seen these past few days in the particular Here’s an article explaining how to counter Giant Sparky Deck effectively.  counter Giant Sparky

counter Giant Sparky

How to counter Giant Sparky

This is probably the most popular sparky deck type out there. Learning how to counter it is crucial, and failure to do so results in an easy three crown. So here are some tips on how to counter  Giant Sparky

  • The real win condition is the giant, sparky is just support

This is probably what most players fall for. They spend so much elixir on stopping the sparky that it, first of all, gets an elixir advantage as people throw down as much as they can stop it, and second of all, giant is left alone and deals tons of tower damage. counter Giant Sparky


  • Start off by placing giant defence close to your towers.

These are things such as inferno towers, muskateers, princess, ice wizard, and cannon, these are placed farther back so we can both kill the giant and lure in the sparky

  • Counter sparky with quick, cheap counters once it reaches your side

There are tons of sparky counters. Zap mini pekka, guards, ice spirit goblins, you nailed it. Once the sparky is on your side and far away from the giant you should safely spend your elixir to kill it as efficiently as possible. counter Giant Sparky

  • Don’t leave giant alone: His chip damage wins games

If you defend sparky well, usually they win a 1-0 match by giant and spell damage on a tower. Do as much as you can to prevent this damage, the are use it in a counter push. Doing this will both give you a strong offence and limited tower damage. counter Giant Sparky


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