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How to counter giant poison decks

Hey guys, D-Mate here! Today I want to share with you  amazing guides how to counter giant decks, and some helpful tips that we could all use for countering this menace of the meta. counter giant poison

Giant A tank that is weaker but cheaper than the golem. Can do a lot of damage if it reaches the tower With Poision. so let’sTake a look at this guide and see the best ways to take this monster down counter giant poison

counter giant poison

How to counter giant poison decks

This is possible the most powerful deck in the current meta. The slowing effect of the poison allows a supported giant to almost always make it to the tower, even against an inferno tower! Here are some sage pieces of advice for counter giant poison


Unlike normal giant decks, killing the range units is your top priority. Fireball zap is the best combo to deal with them, but cards such as rocket, lightning, and fire spirits work as well. We want our main job to be countering the giant, and ranged support only hinders it.

This may seem contradictory: isn’t the basic concept use giant to tank and melee support for damage? In giant poisons case, no. This is because the dps of a giantis an easily take out a tower. Compared to mini pekkas and princes, the giant is a very hard threat to counter. If you have the elixir, spend it to defence melee support but your main priority if to kill the giant and kill the exposed support. counter giant poison

Even before the poison goes down, try to spread out your cards as much as possible. Place your defence as far as possible towards the opposite tower. Place ranged support close to the edge of the map. Place small fast melee units such as goblins and guards behind giant, and all other units in front of the giant. Spreads like these work to prevent poison from achieving maximum value. counter giant poison

This is a more obvious point, but if the poison is down, don’t send squishies to kill the giant, as they will just get killed. Any card with the health of a barbarian or higher can be risked put in poison if need be

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