Counter Giant Combos

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Hey guys, D-Mate here! Today I want to share with you amazing guides that can help you out a ton. the Guide is is how to counter giant combos, and some helpful tips that we could all use for countering this menace of the meta. Counter Giant Combos

How to Counter Giant Combos

The giant is a relativity like new card in the meta compared to miner and hog but is definitely one of the most powerful. He is the strongest tank in the game. He is now one of the strongest tournament cards, along with miner, while still offering lots of value on the ladder. Here is an in depth guide on how to counter the giant. Counter Giant Combos

Deciphering the giant combo

The first step for countering the giant is to find out what kind of giant deck they are using. There is giant, giant hog, giant balloon, giant witch, giant sparky, giant three musketeer and giant poison. Here are some key points to quickly determine what kind it is. Counter Giant Combos


  • Placement of first Giant

This is a good indicator of the how of giant deck it is. If they place it near the bridge, you can expect a balloon to come soon. If they place it down for defence, it is either lone giant or giant hog or possibly giant poison in less common scenarios. If it is placed in the back, you can expect giant, giant poison, giant three musketeers, giant hog, giant witch, and giant sparky. Obviously there are exceptions and every scenario is different, for example, if they counter push with a giant at the bridge, that doesn’t mean there carrying a balloon.

  • Usage of troops

This is more of a general rule to guess what there playing. Some to remember: bomber is mainly used in generic giant decks. Mini pekka is commonly used in giant poison. 3 elixir Minions are not commonly used in giant poison. Baby dragon is used in giant balloon. Cycle cards are used in three musketeers. Wizard is used in giant and giant sparky. There are more but these are the ones I came up with at the top of my head. Counter Giant Combos

Counter Giant Combos

            1. How to counter giant poison Combo 

This is possible the most powerful deck in the current meta. The slowing effect of the poison allows a supported giant to almost always make it to the tower, even against an inferno tower! Here are some sage pieces of advice for counter giant poison Read more »

           2. How to Counter Giant Sparky Combo

This is probably the most popular sparky deck type out there. Learning how to counter it is crucial, and failure to do so results in an easy three crown. So here are some tips on how to counter  Giant Sparky Read More »

           3. How to counter Giant Three Musketeers 

Giant + Three Musketeers can absolutely provide a supreme fire power. Using them with 9+5 elixirs is too much to commit.Anyway, defeating them is still a hinge on the level difference of the card Let’s Take a look at this How to counter Giant Three Musketeers Guide Read More »

           4. How to counter Giant Hog Combo

This combo is more uncommon, but not unseen. It is either played together for an expensive but high immediate threat, or separately to exploit defences and do chip pushes. This is how to Counter Giant Hog Read more »

           5. How To Counter Giant Balloon Combo 

 Giant + Balloon has become popular in all arenas. Some players will quit the battle when they meet these combos because they don’t have enough troops that they can target flying units. Read More »

           6. How To Counter Giant Witch Best Combo 

This is because alone giant witch is both slow and ineffective when left alone. Because it is slow, it gives you lots of time to build up elixir, and because it is ineffective, adding in extra cards for offence is a common strategy. So save your fireballs and your zaps and your rockets until after they cross the bridge to hit all there offence, Read More »

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