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Hogs arena 9 Deck Push to legendary arena

Hey guys, today I am going to show you an outstanding and easy to use Hog+Firespirit+Ice wiz Hogs arena 9 deck which is rocking in Arena 9 at the moment as well as its working very well in Tournaments. Hogs arena 9 deck

This Deck is extremely popular in Clash Royale these days, that’s why today I want to talk a bit about it.This deck uses Hog Rider+Firespirit+Goblins as the main elements. 

Hogs arena 9 deck

Hogs arena 9 deck Card Gameplay:



Hog Rider:It is obviously our main damage dealer in this Hogs arena 9 deck.Couple him with Skeletons to bypass buildings when needed. After a successful defense, you can place him right behind your Valkyrie and the Hog with push Valkyrie to the opponent’s Tower quickly, while the Valkyrie above is removing all small distractions. Hogs arena 9 deck


Valkyrie: is our MVP on defense. Good HP and good damage. She can easily take out group of troops (Goblins, Barbarians, …), Wizard, Musketeer, Witch, …. She can soak 1 damage from the Sparky. She is also very helpful on offense at protecting the Hog Rider and Musketeer behind. With the help from the Poison, she can take out Hog Rider in just 2 swings. Hogs arena 9 deck


Musketeer: is one of the few air defense cards in this Hogs arena 9 deck so you will want to have her ready on defense most of the time. If you face a heavy air deck, it is recommended to use Poison on defense first, in order to deal with Minions and Lava Pups, as well as slow down the opponentsHogs arena 9 deck


Poison: is another very versatile card. You can use it on both offense and defense. There isn’t any way to counter this card, literally. Use it wisely on offense to prevent your opponent from using cheap troops to defend, as well as to slow down and drain defensive buildings and units. On defense, a single Poison sometimes is enough to deal with a big push. This card brings the highest value while dealing with Hut Decks.


Cannon: can be used to counter Hog Rider, Royal Giant, Giant, Balloon, Lava Hound and so many other cards. It is just so useful. You can somehow replace it with Tesla or Inferno Tower if you want but personally I am totally fine with the Cannon. Hogs arena 9 deck


Fire Spirits: are another to a great degree helpful backing that you can use in practically every deck nowadays. These folks will help you effectively manage Barbarians and Minion Horde.

Ice Wiz: His special ability can slow down the enemy movement speed and attack is very effectine on Barbarain,Minions and Minions hoarde, Hogs arena 9 d