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Hogs Cycle Deck Guide For Arena 9+

Hi Guys wazowski here I honestly don’t remember when I started playing but it was probably a month or two after release. I am generally F2P but have bought 1 arena pack when it first was being promoted. Hog Zap Deck

I initially never really donated early on, but started donating a lot in the past 3 months, so as a result I have not hit 10k yet, but I am close and This deck is really about finding the right time to push and changing up the pushes depending on their defence so let’s take a look on this Hogs Cycle Deck Guide

Hog Zap Deck

Hog Zap Deck Card Role:

  • Hog Rider – Your primary win condition obviously. Not much to say about this. Always do pig pushes. With the rise of mega minion, I sometimes play him to bring back the mega minion if I have a hard time separating their push.
  • Cannon – An underrated defensive structure. Many people abandoned this for inferno tower, but the synergy with my deck makes this a better choice; it’s cheaper, it deals with melee/splashies faster; you don’t have to worry about zap resetting damage. This has been a success in pulling apart big giant pushes; planting the cannon as far to the opposite side to pull ONLY the giant, and then dealing with the support troops behind while the other crown tower and cannon engage with the giant. Pulling only the giant is crucial in dealing with these pushes and has given me a lot of success. Also with the influx of RG’s as well, placing the cannon once your crown tower can hit the RG is also important. Hog Zap Deck
  • Fireball – we had Had fire spirits here, but had trouble dealing with 3 musky decks, which I still saw a lot of during the climb. Also helped deal with support troops behind a giant IF I felt my troops already placed would not be able to handle them.
  • The Zap – is a powerful tool in a lot of decks right now. Because a lot of decks have Minions or the Minion Horde, I thought about going with the Arrows instead, but Zap synergies with the Hog Cycle much nicer than the Arrows do Hog Cycle deck  
  • Mini Pekka I really only used on defense, or if I want to distract one lane, but really depends on what cards are in my hand, if I know I have my Ice wiz  then i’ll drop my MP in one lane, and hog push the other knowing that I can still defend either side with Icw Wiz (whichever side poses more of a threat).
  • Spear Goblins – Very underused card, they are really niche and I honestly just like them because they are ranged and would mean the mega minion (who is EVERYWHERE) has to target three different times. Good distraction value as well as chip. Many players will ignore your spears, so I will often use them on the tower I really intend to take down but send a “fake” push down the other, especially if I know they can defend that “fake” push and bite on it.
  • Goblins – Really love them for the DPS. I usually use my spears on tanks coming down so their zap gets wasted on the lower DPS troops. Hog Zap Deck
  • Ice Wiz – The MVP, this card brings two schools of thought as to his greatness, but he shines in my deck. Really just defensive, and because my deck is low cost, I can cycle back to him and plop him at the back of the tower over and over to keep my low-health tower well defended.

Hog Zap Deck on Defense

  • Lavahound – As per many other guides, you deal with the support. I usually save my fireball for when the support JUST starts to surround the tower. Sometimes you have to allow the support to deal some damage so you don’t waste your spell just as the pups are born. Push opposite lane as they place the hound. Cannon is actually decent for this deck since it would deal with the floor units that sneak under the hound to attack your tower. if I know they have a miner I will save my mini P for when that little bitch pops up. If my cycle is fast enough i can place another cannon after my first cannon is done to pull the hound even further from my tower.
  • Giant – I think i mentioned it above, but always pull the giant with a cannon. The two towers and a cannon are enough to pull down a giant; so that way, place the IW on the OUTside of the occupied lane to slow the other incoming troops enough for you to get down your other troops. For example the mega minion; the ice wizard slows him down and then you drop spears behind him to take him out. If they play a glass cannon behind the giant then wait for the giant to get pulled then place the miniP FAR ENOUGH so that he can load before getting hit. Hog Zap Deck
  • Royal Giant – Funny how many of these I saw again. Pretty much save your mini Pekka for when this big guy is plopped down. They like to send in minions behind him so i either wait for them to get ahead so that the ice wizard can target them, and THEN drop the mini P so that they are too slowed down to kill the mini Pekka.
  • Miner Cycle – Mini Pekka, or gobs on the miner once he pops up. If they send minions/minion horde, depending on my hand i will either; play Ice wiz just off the center to deal with them, OR wait until they get close to the tower to fireball them. Depending on what side the miner is on (or really, if he is in the front), I will allow the horde to get RIGHT to the tower so that the miner is hit from the fireball too.
  • Hog Cycles – Cannon/ice wiz/zap support. I actually don’t lose very much to hog cycles.
  • Zap Baits – basically, depending on what they have, your zap-bait-killers will be your ice wiz, fireball, zap, and goblins. Placement is key, and because they play fairly different, I don’t have a perfect write up for defense, but always place your ice wiz far off, and save your zap for the troops that you KNOW will get the most hits off your tower.

Observations about the climb The meta has actually been fairly diverse for me. I saw a lot of the above decks to varying degrees, and a few oddball decks. Plenty of people BM which i honestly don’t care about. I never really faced the same deck more than twice in a 5-game stretch, so it’s nice to see that there are a few “meta” decks in the grind right now. Hog Zap Deck


Thanks for reading! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome. That being said, this is my first guide


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  1. Tyler Brooks (TheS1lentJester)

    Hey! So Far So Good! I’ve been losing a whole bunch lately, I dropped from 3500 to 2977. I just picked up your deck and I won two in a row! I like the way it plays. Thanks! I hope I can get far with this deck at my tournament standard card level haha! Do you still use this deck to this day?

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