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Hi Guys Turi2029 here and here again with another Hog Trifecta Deck  guide, this time on a Trifecta deck that works great in the current Elite Barbarians meta. og Trifecta Deck 

I have tested the deck on my main account at 4000+ trophies and had great success so I feel confident in what it can achieve and feel comfortable putting up a guide on it even though in my new account I’m only at 2400+ right now.

I have a Youtube account with some matches using this deck or variations of it along the way, just youtube Turi 2029 or follow this Video Below and don’t Forgot to Subscribe my channel 


Mastering a deck will require hundreds of games and in all fairness I’ve probably only played about 350-400 games with this deck – not nearly enough to completely have it understood, but it’s such a solid, well-balanced deck, that I’m going to share what I’ve learnt anyway and hope You will like this Hog Trifecta Deck 

Hog Trifecta Deck

Hog Trifecta Deck Card Role:

  • Hog Rider: The Hog Rider is your primary win condition – he’s the sole unit in this deck that targets buildings.

He is in this deck to apply pressure and so you have a card who’s sole purpose is to destroy towers. He is brilliant from lower arenas all the way to the the top and is a card with excellent longevity.

He will be used a few ways – to jump out in front of your surviving troops from a defence for a counterpush – or to attack when you know they’re low on elixir – or to pressure the opposite lane if you have a solid counter-push happening already (i.e high HP Valkyrie + Muskateer heading down a lane). I realise the last one isn’t how you might generally play the Trifecta but I love dual lane pressure and sometimes that is exactly what is required – it’s how I play the game generally too.

  •  Valkyrie: She can take out Barbarians And Elite Barbarians pretty easily.

Valkyrie is your main form of swarm control and she’s a brilliant card to clear out the support from behind tanks etc. She truly shines in the lower arenas where absolutely everybody is running the Skeleton Army.. Barbarians.. etc.. there are so many swarmy cards that her addition to your deck basically gives you an advantage every game in the lower arenas.

I feel she’s underrated at higher arenas – she’s super useful even when I use her in my main at 4000+ trophies. Like every other card in this deck, she’s included to be levelled up properly and to be long-lasting. She’s tanky and does great damage if she reaches a tower.She can be placed right into a Skeleton Army to clear it out basically immediately and begin a counter push. Hog Trifecta Deck 

  • Muskateer: Muskateer is your primary air-defence.

The lower arenas are rammed with units the Muskateer can take on, 1v1 – Witch, Baby Dragon, etc.. she tears them all up – she’s a brilliant support unit for the Hog and Valkyrie and she’s able to clear out the Balloon which is relatively common in lower arenas, as well as take out Mega Minion unscathed once you start to come across him.

In conjunction with Valkyrie or Ice Spirit (or Skeletons early on) she is basically the combo queen and able to clear out virtually any threat on your side of the field.

Her range is long enough that she can safely defend from the opposite lane so if the opponent rushes the opposite lane – you can defend from the lane you want to push, with Muskateer, and she’ll clear it out then fall into the lane you actually want to push.

  • Fire Spirits: The Fire Spirits are in this deck as support to your Hog Rider and for helping to generate positive elixir trades against units like the Minion Horde, Barbarians, Skeleton Army etc.

They can be dropped behind a Valkyrie for a solid push right there – if your opponent has nothing too tanky.. this combo will shred it and Valk will reach the tower. This combo prevents the opponent from dropping Minions to counter Valk until the Fire Spirits have reached the tower. In conjunction with Valkyrie or a Tombstone, they can completely take out the Elite Barbarians.

  • Skeletons (before 2300 trophies)

The Skeletons are in this deck as a cycle card, but they’re awesome – they can kite any air unit to it’s death basically – Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, Minions, Minion Horde, Inferno Dragon, everything but the Lavahound – they are such a great unit but you’ll need to practice dropping them at precisely the right time.

They can also be used to surround Sparky and Wizard though it’s a little tricker to perform correctly, when it works, it’s beautiful.

  • Ice Spirit : (after 2300)

The Ice Spirit is to replace the Skeletons if you so choose, once you’ve unlocked them from Frozen Peak and you’ve got them to a decent level.

It is also a great counter to the Minion Horde, it absorbs Fire Spirits, it severely mitigates the damage a Muskateer does as long as it’s 2 levels higher than her or more (lv 9 Ice Spirit, lv 7 Musky is safe. Level 8 Musky will one-shot Ice Spirit)..The Ice Spirit can also be used to reset a Prince charge by freezing it up,

It provides that little extra anti-air the deck needs to take care of Balloon and the utility it offers better synergises with the rest of the deck.

  • Tombstone: Best Against Tanks

The Tombstone is in this deck as I prefer defences that can turn into counter-pushes – this lets me more easily apply dual lane pressure with my Hog Rider and it also simply suits my playstyle.

It is in this deck as a reliable counter to the Elite Barbarians which run absolutely rampant from 2000 onwards, it also does great against Hog Rider, Giant, Golem and is decent against the Royal Giant and serves as a nice distraction VS Lavahound and Balloon and is the only building in the game that can force a Royal Giant to retarget onto it when both your towers are alive – drop it right on his face (this same move is great against Muskateers but I’d find other methods of disposing of her). Hog Trifecta Deck 

  • Fireball: A Fireball 1 level above a Muskateer will wipe her off the map. Same with Wizard.

Fireball is in this deck as it’s cheaper than Lightning and Rocket and is more useful than Tornado and Poison for this deck. Pre-emptive Fireballs with your Hog Rider can be devastating if the opponent drops something like a Skeleton Army or Minion Horde.

With proper placement you can defend against tankish units like Mini Pekka and Knight pretty well (last resort defence obviously) with a Fireball placed to land in front of them – it’ll blast them back and they’ll cop an extra few tower shots – definitely don’t want to blast them forwards, into your tower though. This is super-last-resort and should basically only be used when the game is about to end purely to prevent hits.

  • Zap : Best Spell Right now

Zap is in the deck as it has great synergy with other cards in the deck and gives you a quick response to Skeleton Army and Goblin Barrel etc as well as resetting opponent Sparky or Inferno Tower.

I prefer it over the Log as it provides a little extra air defence and I like the synergy for this particular deck better. I also prefer to play without legendaries because none of them really resonate with me.

Hog Trifecta Deck  General Strategy:

In the beginning of the game you’ll likely want to counter what the opponent does if they play first.

If not, you have a few options – you can be aggressive with the Hog Rider to get the game started (I wouldn’t recommend spending elixir on Fire Spirits or Ice Spirit to support at this stage.. save the elixir to see what they counter with..) or you can drop a Muskateer or Valkyrie at the back.

Another possible opening play is an Ice Spirit at the bridge – if the opponent doesn’t react, it’s free chip damage and you’ll have that 1 elixir back real quick.

Those plays are all possible regardless of what hand you are dealt so there’s no need to play a proactive Tombstone. The Tombstone should be played reactively for best effect, imo, this isn’t a big tanky beatdown deck.

The deck is best played as a counter-push deck – you want to defend with as little elixir as possible – some tower damage is okay definitely don’t over defend – and then counter-push with Hog Rider or Valkyrie or both when possible – supported by whatever is available – Fireballs, Zap, Fire Spirits, Ice Spirit – whatever fits the game.

If you have a good HP Valkyrie and Muskateer lined up behind her – I actually prefer to throw Hog Rider in the opposite lane sometimes – this will force the opponent to choose a lane to defend – the Skeleton Army won’t be effective as Valkyrie will lure half of them and destroy them, allowing for massive damage on that lane after Musky locks on to tower. ..this isn’t how most people traditionally play the Trifecta – they go for a combo with Valk, Hog and Musky – but I just like to apply dual-lane pressure whenever possible, it’s just how I play the game and it works brilliantly with this Hog Trifecta Deck .

A sole Valkyrie, with decent HP, will do a massive amount of damage to the tower if left unchecked – I like to defend with her, and then immediately throw Hog + Fire Spirits down the other lane if possible – the other guy will respond to the Hog push and you’d be surprised at how often that lone Valk makes it to a tower.. her damage is nothing to laugh at , she’ll chunk it up good.. depending on the game and the opponent – sometimes it will definitely make more sense to throw Hog behind Valkyrie, with the Fire Spirits or Ice Spirit if possible. You need to make those decisions on the fly, playing it by ear, really depends on what you’re up against.

Hog Trifecta Deck Strategy Against Elite Barbarians:

Against Elite Barbarians and decks that use them, you have a plethora of options available. Since they’re such a menace at the moment, I figure I’ll cover them pretty extensively here.Hog Trifecta Deck

Lone Elite Barbarians

Against lone eBarbs, you have the following combos to deal with them for either a positive or neutral elixir trade: Valkyrie + Fire Spirits. Valkyrie + Ice Spirit. Tombstone + Fire Spirits. Tombstone + Ice Spirit.

Of course you can throw Muskateer behind Valkyrie, or Valkyrie then a Hog Rider to distract the last eBarb (he’ll die to the tower as Hog runs into the sunset) but these counters aren’t for equal or less elixir, though given the situation they could be exactly what you need to play.

This deck is about countering for less elixir than they used, and building counter-pushes, so where possible, Tombstone + Fire Spirits is ideal though susceptible to Zap or The Log. Valkyrie + Fire Spirits is a great one as it’s an equal trade and Valkyrie survives with enough HP to be Hog-pushed to the tower.

When dropping the Tombstone, if you place it off-centre, same lane, 3 tiles below the river you can draw them into the kill zone, but sometimes the farther eBarb slips past.

     * Full Guide Here How to Counter Elite Barabrians #jycuv09