Hog Tornado Deck

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Hog Tornado Deck for Arena 7

Hi Guys Md Aaqib here and The new Tornado Spell is now live in Clash Royale and a lot of top-tiered players are now taking advantage of the game’s new meta-changing card. This  Hog Tornado Deck has been recently popular in the top ladder. You Can Find Here Full Guide Here How To Use Tornado Spell

  • I have been using this deck After Tornado Release, I brought the new card offer from the shop and now I have found much success with it,  Yes, the new Tornado card will undeniably change the upcoming meta of the game! And today, we’ve compiled all the details about the new spell card and its perfect synergy to capitalize positive Elixir trades against your opponents
  • .This is currently my favourite deck to play at the moment. Currently I’m sitting around 2170 trophies and have steadied out. Anyways as the title suggests it is a hog Tornado deck that  and I’ve played 2 Grand Challanges (one 10 win and one 12 win) and 7 Classic Challanges (all 12 wins) with this  Hog Tornado Deck so I know what it is good against and what its not. Here I will do my best to explain it to you.
 Hog Tornado Deck

Hog Tornado Deck Card Role:

Hog Rider – This card is your key to victory, he’s very fast and does a lot of damage, you only want to get play him when counter pushing but it can be fine playing him at the start alone (don’t over commit to the push at the start or there’s a high chance you’ll get punished) You can use the hog to draw counters early, or send him in when the timing is right to take down the tower.

Ice Spirit: This card is used countless ways in this deck. First, using it as a guard for your pump. If you see the pesky miner coming your way, drop the ice spirit in the center and let your towers finish the rest. One chip is much better than a whole pump. Second, the hog push. Using both thumbs/fingers drag the ice spirit in front near the bridge, then casually grab your hog and release both at the same time. When done correctly, the ice spirit trails the hog and will also assist in ignoring any buildings and hopefully freezing minions/goblins along the way. Replacement(Ice Golem)


  • If You Use Ice Golem Instead if Ice Spirit then Ice Golem combined with a Tornado can take out a Minion Horde

Musketeer: Never play this card first. I used to play trifecta, and the ‘play musket first’ logic doesn’t work with this deck.  try to cycle with ice spirit/hogs until it is, or play a plain hog rider to lure out any of their troops. Then play musket in the very back to counter what’s to come. Note: Skeletons pair well with the musketeer. This combo typically takes out anything. 3 skeletons distract long enough to wipe out barbarians, mini pekka, princes, giant skeleton, ect.

The Log: This card completes the deck. First, never waste a log on just the princess. Obviously that alone is an elixir gain, but next thing you know the skillful lvl 10 you are versing has lvl 12 goblins and sends in a miner that you can’t counter. Instead, send in a hog rider towards the princess and lure out their barbarians, goblins, then let the log do it’s thing.That’s just a simple scenario, but never underestimate the value of your log. Another good use of the log would be against fire spirits/ice spirit/goblins. A lot of royal giant/miner players wait for their card to tank, then send in goblins hoping to do some work. You know what to do.

Mega Minion: You can use instead: Minions, baby dragon Every deck needs a flying unit. Mega minion helps a lot against any push that doesn’t have in account the aerial defense, like a giant bowler push, or a Hog. It’s key against lava hound decks and to defend without taking damage, so you can do a counter attack later

Tornado: It is an area damage spell with a wide radius and moderate damage.The spell can be effectively used with the Valkyrie. If placed on top of the defending Valkyrie, the attacking units will be brought into her attack range automatically, which will remove low-moderate hitpoint troops from a rush. On Defence

  • This spell seriously counters Miner. If your opponent plays the Miner like below, use your Tornado to force him to activate the King’s Tower:
  • If your opponent uses the Tornado on defense, take the advantage of this by using Lava/Musketeer/Minipekka to speed them up.
  • The Tornado card is amazing for splash units and AoE spells including Fireball.
  • It does not damage buildings, so you don’t need to worry about activating the King’s Tower
  • When your opponent Pig Pushes, you can completely cancel it out Then pull the Hog onto your building and kill the small units

Valkyrie:she will be your best friend in a lot of defense. She can take out groups of troops head on and also take out the damage dealers behind a tank while keeping some of her health. She’s deadly with basically any other troop and tornado and can do some major damage to a tower. A lot of my pushes start from using this on defense and then dropping a hog behind it after its done defending.  Hog Tornado Deck

Inferno Tower: This is the only Defence in this deck.A must need for the giant,Golem Pekka  meta.Use it to stop not just the Giant but also Princes, Mega Minions and other Tanks, etc. Always have your Ice Spirit ready when the opponent zaps the Inferno tower. Inferno Tower provides a wall of hitpoints that can tank for you defensive cards whilst also melting tanks. When placing this card, space it properly so your opponent can’t get a value Lightning to hit your other defensive cards.


 Hog Tornado Deck Strategy:

I personally play this  Hog Tornado Deck more of a counter push. As you can see, most of the cards are good on both offense and defense. You want to capitalize on your opponents mistakes and create a positive elixir push out of them.

This is quite simple, really. You just need to drag the troops to a different location! I’ve seen a rise in barbarians once again, so I put the tornado in the center, a little bit towards the lane I’m pushing. It pulls all the troops, but the primary one’s I see are: Minions, mega minion, Barbarians, and skeleton army. If you know they play the skeleton army, you can play it directly on the tower, but to drag the troops to the side, but the skeletons get killed in 2 seconds. If they play barbarians, it drags them to the side, and if they somehow clump the barbarians next to a building they play, I like to play a nice, old Valk! Just be careful of mega minion, the only way to counter him with tornado is to drag him behind the tower, so he can’t hit the hog.

Don’t expect to take the tower right away. Chip away at it while maintaining elixir advantage. The only time I play super aggresively is when they drop a golem or huge tank. Then I go crazy on the other side so they cant drop back up for their tank. Hog Tornado Deck,Tornado doesn’t break Prince’s charge or Sparky’s charge.You can pull the Royal Giant far away from your Tower, force him to attack the other building

A great way to take advantage of this is by pulling a slow moving target (giant or golem) away from its intended target and changing its aim to a new one (King’s tower or Tombstone). You can do this by slightly deviating its course by putting the tornado card near the tower or building within its path. Also, by doing so, you can even change the lane of a deployed Golem or P.E.K.K.A to the other bridge since both cards have a long load time.

Even if they drop a tank on the side you are attacking just switch to the other side. You can work both towers or draw. Either way it’s better than losing. This  Hog Tornado Deck may have some trouble with the lavadragloon combo I see some people running because musketeer is your only real anti-air. Always focus on the balloon and try to get the musky to hit it and sometimes you may have to use both Inferno and Other Troop to drag it around for your towers

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Thanks for reading this  Hog Tornado Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome. That being said, this is my first guide, so please be gentle.





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