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Hey guys, my name is OxygenFreee and I’m here to Share a Hog Tombstone Deck I’ve been in A8 for a long time and I’ve used this Hog Tombstone Deck religiously and it will beat almost any deck no matter how many legendaries if played right.In this guide I’ll explain Strategy, when to use  with advanced techniques that make a difference between a win and a loss.So Sit Back Relax and Read This Hog Tombstone Deck Till the End 

Hog Tombstone Deck

Hog Tombstone Deck Strategy:

This deck is made of cards that are both good at offense and defense. What I usually do is wait for the opponent to attack then counter attack with the hog and other cards to protect it.Your offense is basically Hog+Spear Goblin|Hog+Mini Pekka|Mini Pekka+Spear Goblins and You can Also Try Hog+Fire Ball If  Your Opponent Counter Your Hog With Barbrians Again And Again In This Case You Have To use an Assume Fire ball on Opponent Tower To take out His Barbrians It is Risky but It Will Gives You Positive Elixir Advantage


First of all this deck is really good at countering most cards the opponent will throw at you. The Baby dragon should be primarily be used for defense but it has a very good transition to offense. The mini pekka is also primarily used in defense and I usually pair it with the baby dragon(or Musketeer) and the tombstone when the opponent has a pekka or a giant. Minipekka is Also my Main Defensive Condition Against Big Tanks

The musketeer is good against heavy troops It has a Tile Range I used to musketeer in offence and then its become my win condition in offence and when I am counter attacking I pair it with the hog rider to protect it and destroy the tower from a distance The fireball is perfect for Minions hordes of enemies or the barbarians The arrows are for the minion horde or goblins. More about Musketeer

The tombstone is super powerful, it is my favorite card in the game because it’s perfect against princes, giants, giant skeletons and most of all hog riders. All you have to do is put the tombstone in front of the card and the opponent’s card will destroy it and 6 skeletons will pop out and neutralize the card. The spear goblins can be used for anything, they are good at offense and defense and very inexpensive.

This deck does very well against most decks (hog freeze, giant with musketeers or wizard balloon, pekka, giant skeleton)

Hog Tombstone Deck Conclusion:

This deck is absolutely amazing. I’m super knowledgeable on this deck and I can talk so much strategy about it. so Ask Me questions and I’ll reply as soon as Possible.This is my first guide on Gamestroops and if You Like it Please leave suggestions and comments for the future, I will make more More Guides in the future.I love to play Clash royale

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Once Again Thanks for reading this Hog Tombstone Deck ! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.