Hog Sparky Deck

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Hog Sparky Deck Push To Arena 9

Hi guys BilllisCool here and I have used this same deck for months.I consider it to be better than classic Giant/Sparky decks because it is so much cheaper and most of time, more effective. (I usually win when I face Giant/Sparky.)It has brought me from 2900 into to the Legendary Arena, and now over 4000 trophies.

I only added the Ice Spirit and the Log once they came out. I’ve survived through many metas. The RG meta was the hardest, but apparently the Giant/Poison meta ending allowed me to finally reach this milestone. Let’s take a look on this Hog Sparky Dec more detailed Guide

Hog Sparky Deck

Hog Sparky Deck Card role:

Hog Sparky Deck Strategy:

The worst starting hand you can get is spells, spirits, and cannon. I will usually just cycle the spirits and hope they drop a Hog so I can use the Cannon. I also do a quick Hog/Spirit push if it’s available. If possible, I always play Sparky or Valkyrie first. Hog Sparky Deck


The best push you can get is Valkyrie at the front, then Hog, then Sparky, then spirits, and then spells for support. If you can get all of that down successfully, the tower will be done or you’ll at least do a ton of damage. Hog Sparky Deck

Now, assuming you have a decent starting hand and your opponent isn’t awful, let’s get to some real strategy.

Hog Sparky Deck Tips: 

That’s all I’ve got. Feel free to ask me about how I handle certain decks because I’ve faced them all at this point.