Hog Rider Electro Wizard Deck

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Hey Guys Noel here, and this is a Hog Rider Electro Wizard Deck analysis and strategy guide for my most recent deck that I used to attain twelve wins in the Electro Wizard Challenge.In my 12-win challenge, the two players I lost to were using Lava Hound and Miner Goblin Barrel. I easily defeated Giant / Golem decks and had very little trouble against Elite Hog. So come and take a close look at this Hog Rider Electro Wizard Deck Guide

Hog Rider Electro Wizard Deck

Hog Rider Electro Wizard Deck  Card Role:

  1. Electro Wizard-The Electro Wizard provides an incredible defensive stall, much like the Ice Wizard, but with more damage and the zap-spawn utility. The Electro Wizard’s range allows mini-tanks like a pair of Barbarians or the Ice Golem to soak up hits allowing him to electrify your opponent’s attacking troops. I found myself using the Electro Wizard behind an Ice Golem or a set of Barbarians to take down enemy Hog Riders, Mega Minions and yes, even Elite Barbarians. More on these interactions in the Ice Golem and Barbarian Hut sections. Electro Wizard dies to Fireball so unless you are baiting a Fireball, avoid positioning your Electro Wizard in between the Barbarian Hut and your tower.
  2. Hog Rider- This is your primary win condition. I only cast the Hog Rider either, when I know my opponent is low on elixer, or if I want my opponent to spend elixir in a lane that he or she doesn’t want to. An example of this is if my opponent resets with a tank like Giant or Golem, or even support like Musketeer or Electro/Ice Wizard behind their King Tower, I immediately push with a Hog Rider, Ice Spirit, or a lone Hog Rider, depending on my cycle, in the opposite lane to force elixir out of the lane they intended to aid their push. This works best against Lava Hound and Golem due to their high elixir cost. This is NOT your only win condition so if you feel shut down by a quick-cycle tombstone or cannon, stop playing the card to break your losing cycle.
  3. Mega Minion- The Mega-Minion’s recent nerf changes nothing. It is still a defensive powerhouse, providing a fireball-durable high DPS output for the cost. Mega Minion, much like the Electro Wizard thrives behind a mini-tank when defending attacking troops. This 3 drop holds it’s own against all of the 4 drops and even most 5 drops in the current meta, and is vital in the Lava Hound matchup.
  4. Ice Golem- Paired with the Electro Wizard, and placed properly, this card will stall Elite Barbarians for no tower damage. I use this card as the first half of a tank and spank at least twice a match. The Ice Golem is perfect as a lead in Hog Rider Counter pushes. I would not recommend using the Hog Rider, Ice Golem push on it’s own due to this deck’s reliance on the Ice Golem’s defensive capabilities. The Ice Golem stalls bankline units or kites “any-targeting” units into the opposite lane. The Ice Golem also helps to clump up backline support for more valuable Fireballs.
  5. Ice Spirit- For one elixir, you can cycle your deck, reset attacking troops, and most importantly freeze stun them for 1.5 seconds. That’s a Barbarian swing, more on that next. The Ice Spirit has the greatest amount of positive interactions in the game, therefore a well placed Ice Spirit, is almost never a bad idea. The amount of damage mitigation the Ice Spirit provides for it’s cost is unrivaled. I often pair the Ice Spirit with a Hog Rider early game, and use defensively during double elixer time.
  6. Barbarian Hut- This card has been seeing more play recently due to it’s anti-meta qualities. The Barbarian Hut shuts down tanks like Giant and Golem, provides a HUGE health barrier to protect your troops from Lightning, and lasts long enough to distract Hog Riders for the duration of the match. The elixir curve of this deck should give you your next Barbarian Hut just before the pre-existing one ticks it’s last few seconds. Provided your opponent didn’t damage it significantly. The Barbarian Hut offers the defensive protection of cards like your Electro Wizard and Mega Minion. The Barbarians spawned from the Barbarian Hut work amazingly well in Hog Rider pushes. It is also a spawner your opponent cannot afford to ignore due to the Barbarian’s insane residual damage on the tower. The Barbarian Hut can spawn up to 10 Barbarians, which would cost 12.5 Elixir to deploy manually. This creates a total profit of 5.5 Elixir (counting the cost of placing the Hut down).
  7. Fireball- In the Electro Wizard challenge, this is your second win-condition. This deck only gets more defensive in double elixer time. During over time, you are going to have fireballs to drop on everything close to the tower. Some of the games I won, I maybe got like 3 or 4 hits all match with the Hog Rider, and all my damage came from Fireballs. Fireball’s knockback also gives the Hog Rider the occasional extra hit when defended by Barbarians or Elite Barbarians. Killing the Electro Wizard is a huge aspect of Fireball in this challenge because you can always find value. I did use defensive Fireballs quite a bit during my challenge run but I found these moments to be avoidable with healthier elixir management, and cycle awareness.
  8. The Log- This card is a defensive monster. Upon playing this deck, you’ll find that The Log has amazing synergy with not only the Hog Rider and Fireball offensive combo, but defensively with the Barbarian Hut as well. The Log hard counters Princess which I came across a lot, as well as helps to curb those Elite Barbs flying at your tower. The Log and Ice Golem together work well against Elite Barbs. Be mindful that The Log is your only hard counter to Goblin Barrel.

Hog Rider Electro Wizard Deck   Overall Strategy

This deck is built for overtime. Use the defensive tools in this deck to shut down your opponent’s pushes again and again while slowly sneaking in Fireballs, Logs, and stray Hog Rider hits. Once your opponent commits to a lane. Place the Barbarian Hut off center in that lane. This will make it very hard for ground based attacks to reach your tower. The mindset of this deck is “What do I have if my opponent played Elite Barbarians or a Hog Rider Right now?” If you find yourself taking hits from Elite Barbarians or Hog Riders later than a minute and a half into the match, you are probably playing too aggressive. This deck is built as a grindy challenge / tournament style deck that takes advantage of three minute overtime and guaranteed tower damage. Hog Rider Electro Wizard Deck

Offense If you find your opponent over committing, a well timed Hog Rider, accompanied by a leftover Ice Golem and a pair of Barbarians is a great push. Either Fireball, Mega Minion, or Electro Wizard should be trailing behind or on standby. Something I did a lot during the challenge is apply split lane pressure. This doesn’t mean push both lanes at once. Even a lone Ice Golem can cause your opponent to overcommit on defending that lane, when you have no intention of pushing the lane in the first place. Split lane pressure is about forcing your opponent to make choices that are not offensively beneficial to them.


Defence This deck is a wall. The more you experience the interactions between the supporting troops and the Barbarian Hut, you begin to appreciate the Barbarian Hut more and more. The Barbarians are vital to the defence in this deck. They output a ton of DPS, and cause your opponent to waste a lot of resources defending their tower in between pushes. I suggest setting up the Barbarian Hut early and keeping one on the field for a majority of the game, this becomes more important in overtime. The 5.5 elixir profit generated by the Barbarian Hut is more beneficial than an untouched Elixir Collector which nets only 2. The Barbarian Hut’s shorter lifetime and greater health allow it generate advantage faster and resist damaging spells.

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Thanks for reading this Hog Rider Electro Wizard Deck   guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.