Hog Princess Deck

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Hog Princess Zap Bait Arena 9 Deck 

Hi Guys  ExOTiC1234 Here and today i am going to talk about Hog Princess Deck So Before the recent update where poison got over nerfed and the skarmy became an actual good card, I was a mortar user struggling to stay at 3.2k.

Once the update hit, I made a Hog/Zap bait deck with inspiration from PongTV’s Hog Rocket deck and immediately made my climb to 4k, I hope you all have the same success as I did.If you are hesitant about how my legendaries are level 2, its the Princess and Log, which really doesnt benefit much from being level 2. Most interactions are usually the same, especially with everyone on ladder having overleveled cards.

I have gotten to 10 wins in grand challenges and in classic challenges I have 12-0’d a couple of times which I havent done either before using this deck. If you are trying to get to 3k, this deck can definitely get you there too. Anyways, lets get started Hog Princess Deck.


Hog Princess Deck

Hog Princess Deck Card Role:

  • Hog RiderThe main win condition of the deck,

You want to pig push with the hog using the Ice spirit or the skarmy With the ice spirit, you just play the ice spirit and hog in the highest left/ride corner tile, playing ice spirit before the hog rider. You can also pig push with the skarmy believe it or not. Its different for each side so I suggest you watch video by PongTV if you don’t know how to. There’s also a deadly play using the Hog and another card in this deck if you can bait them to use their zap on offense. Hog Princess Deck

  • LogThis card is a monster now,

The numerous amounts of buffs to this card have truly paid off and now its worth using. Its great against enemy princesses/skarmies, and it helps a ton against the recent surge in Tombstone use. A log can kill a half health tombstone and all its skeletons, letting your hog get to the tower easily.

  • PrincessThis card is used as a spell bait and to add lots of pressure to your enemy,

Princess needs to be dealt with or its going to do infinite amounts of damage. Always play it in the opposite lane from your push, so they have to split up their push if they want to deal with your princess. Helps against this deck’s big weakness, Minion+Minion Horde decks.

  • Ice SpiritEven with the recent nerf to this card,

I still prefer the ice spirit to zap.Your ice spirit doesnt need to be leveled up much at all, unlike zap. Great defensive card, great cycle card. great offensive card with the hog, ice spirit is simply just a good card!

  • Inferno TowerEven with the most recent nerf,

I still find Inferno to be the best defensive tower in the game. You can still hang against level 9 giants/level 12 Royal Giants because the inferno serves as a zap bait. If they zap your inferno, you should and will immediately punish them with the next two cards.

  • Skeleton ArmyThis card is amazing now,

Even at level 3, it shreds through tanks like butter and gums up any high damage single target units (like mega minion). Once they zap your inferno, place your skarmy and make them regret their decision. Then make a push with the Hog and the next card… Hog Princess Deck,

  • Goblin BarrelThis card is essential to the deck, cannot be replaced with miner,

The goblin barrel punishes enemies for using their zap on your inferno tower or skarmy and dishes out insane damage, even at level 3. The most deadly combo is after they used their zap, send in a Hog Rider+Goblin Barrel (and ice spirit if needed). The hog tanks for the 3 goblins while they stab away at the tower.

  • RocketBest used as a surprise to finish the game,

 Dont be afraid to use it on defense. On ladder, you’re bound to face overleveled barbs that prevent your hog from doing anything, with the rocket you still have a chance. You can either defend and just cycle goblin barrel+log+rocket, which I have done with no shame. Or the more fancier way is to do a gamble hog+rocket prediction to instantly kill their barbs and do insane tower damage.The rocket is also great against sparky decks, and without it this deck would be pretty weak to sparky.

Hog Princess Deck General Tips 

Thank you for getting this far, any questions or concerns, just ask. Hopefully I covered all of the bases.