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Hey Hog Pekka Deck Arena 9 guys, I’m here to bring you guys a counter to all of the unwanted, over leveled commons. Which is this Hog Pekka Deck Control Deck  I am currently a fairly new Level 10 at 3,507 trophies with a PB of 3689. Take a look at these Top 17 November Meta Decks 2017 For Every Arena

I have been using this Hog Pekka Deck for about a month and a half now and I have figured out how to beat most of the common strategies in the 3000-4000 trophy range (Lavaloon, Golem, E Barbs, RG, etc.). I would say that I’m pretty good with the deck and certainly have the knowledge to write a guide on it So come and take a look at this Hog Pekka Deck guide Take a look at these Top 17 November Meta Decks 2017 For Every Arena

Hog Pekka Deck


Hog Pekka Deck Card Roles:

  1. Hog: This is your main push unit. You want to use this when you have either zap or poison in your hand or an oncoming counter push. This is not a deck where you would want to send in a solo hog. It would be a waste of elixir and set up your opponent for a counter push. An exception is at the beginning of the game to see what their counter is. Most of the time it is a skeleton army, E Barbs, or a defensive building. The most deadly combo is sending in a solo hog on the first push and then the next push sending in a hog with a prediction poison to kill skarmy, musketeer, wizard, get barbs/ ice wiz to basically one hit etc. This is a deck where you don’t want to spam hog it is more effective to use it on a counter push or with poison/zap available.
  2. Poison: This is my favorite card in the whole deck. Catches opponents by surprise and provides insane chip that is often underrated. With a level 10 crown tower a poison-hog combo where the hog gets one hit is 500 damage plus the poison gets the troops used to defend either dead or within log range when the place their own tank in front for a positive elixir trade. Archers should in most cases be poisoned. I find them fairly annoying against this deck for some reason. Troops such as Wizard, Musketeer, Ice Wiz, Barbs, E Wiz, Princess, Witch, Minions, Gob Gang, Skarmy, Bomber, Mega Minion, Guards, 3M will in most circumstances always be good to poison unless if over leveled or log is out of rotation. Another underrated part of poison is that it is a great area denial so when your opponent sees it they won’t want to play a card into it so your hog gets extra damage. Poison is very versatile but in this deck should almost always be an offensive spell.
  3. Zap: This card is used best with you’re own judgement. There isn’t much to this card. It’s mostly used as a hover card meaning that when your PEKKA/ Hog is on the opponents side you are hovering it in case of a skarmy, or any other squishy troop. Can be used to zap inferno tower but most of the time you are better off saving it. As I said earlier this card is a judgement card so use it when you think it is necessary.
  4. Log: Also a very versatile card. Used to clean up low HP troops after a Hog push or a PEKKA counter push and the goblin barrel. If you find out your opponent has a goblin barrel then you want to save it for that but it is much more useful for taking out low troops that the poison hit. Most of the time these support type units and goblin barrel aren’t in the same deck so you will be using it for one or the other. The Log is so good because it can be used in almost any situation and provide great value. A predictive log or pre-emptive log is also a good idea once you’ve realized they counter with certain cards. I’m going to say the same thing I said for zap use it when you deem it necessary.
  5. Skeletons: Once again a very versatile card. A cycle card, can distract troops, also a low key great hog counter. The opponent usually doesn’t want to zap these guys because they aren’t enough value even though the hog will only get off a couple shots and they take out tanks pretty fast for one elixir. Use this like you would use a log. Great for distracting Mini Pekka, Pekka, stoping princes charge give you extra time to get your other defensive cards ready. There are just too many scenarios for 1 elixir skeletons for me to go over in this guide. If this gets enough likes and support I could give a Skeleton guide.
  6. Minions: Main graveyard counter/ support troop counter if they aren’t already taken out by poison. Great for taking out Lavaloon. On your side of the map are even a good counter to the minion horde. Also good for taking out tanks. Arguably the best part about them is the fact that the opponent can’t leave them alone. If the tower is the same level as the minions they will do significant damage. It is better sometimes to let them be and let the opponent decide if they want damage instead of supporting them and giving them more value on their zap, own minions, etc. Minions can be used in a lot of situations on defense and will almost always help for a positive elixir trade with their value on both offense and defense.
  7. E Wiz: I’m going to be honest his stun mechanic is OP. The E Wiz on defense is a pain to deal with for your opponent. He stuns every unit for the same amount of time and is a hard counter inferno dragon and sparky, two deadly cards. It alone is a great counter to hog and leads to a counter push. His stun mechanic allows him to be played on defense at almost any time. Slows down tanks well and also chips a little at the support troops. PEKKA+E Wiz means not much is going to get through and can completely devastate even the largest of pushes. He WILL change games and can turn momentum he should be played whenever you are defending.
  8. PEKKA: This is the bread and butter of the deck. Insane amount of health and can save you if you overcommit to a push. He slices through E Barbs while staying on the field with about half health which leads to the counter push which makes him super lethal. He also is great at taking out tanks while tanking support troops. He can take out Giant+Musket+Executioner and still be alive. Just an insane amount of value available whenever you play him. Against RG, he is pretty good but he is basically full health after taking it out so you can usually take more damage on the tower than the RG gave. The PEKKA should never be played proactively unless if you have a +4 elixir advantage. The main point I’m trying to make about the PEKKA is that in this deck the PEKKA is NOT supposed to hit the tower. It is not your main win condition, it is your secondary win condition. You use the PEKKA on defense and then use it for a deadly counter push. Even though she isn’t your main win condition she will get hits on the tower but don’t force it. You don’t need her to get a hit on the tower to win the game Check Out here Top 5 Pekka Deck 2017

How To Counter Certain Deck Archetypes:

E Barb Madness: Save your PEKKA for the E Barbs and you should be fine. In a pinch skeletons + Minions/ E Wiz will get the job done while only taking 1-2 hits. Use your PEKKA for counter pushes followed up by E Wiz and Zap. If you have only have enough for one save it for zap. This tip should be used against all deck archetypes. If your PEKKA counter push doesn’t work then use the Hog/Poison combo. Slowly chip until you win.

RG: The Hog Rider shouldn’t be used in the same lane as the RG because it will only snowball their RG push making it stronger. The Hog Rider will be used as an opposite lane pressure until it gets low enough so that you can focus on that tower. PEKKA should also be saved for RG. E Wiz also reduces RG damage significantly. Counter pushes are the key to winning against RG decks.

Lavaloon: Against Lavaloon is it usually a 3-1 win, 2-1 win, or a complete loss. With this deck you are going to lose a tower 95% of the time. When you see a Lava hound push the other lane very hard with a PEKKA have poison/zap on the ready and even E Wiz if you are confident enough. Push hard enough then use solo minions to clean up. Hog Rider will be almost useless for most of the battle until the very end when you need a small push to finish a tower. If they place a Balloon at the bridge with a lava hound in front place E Wiz close to the side of the screen and place the minions on the balloon. Will take out the balloon before any hits at tourney standard but will need zap if your cards are under leveled or their’s are over leveled.

Cycle/ Bait Decks: The first minute you will not be using your PEKKA and it will be madness. Save the log for Goblin Barrel or you’ll just get chipped out. When there is a pause in a game, trust me you’ll sense it, play your PEKKA on the side of your king tower and if you still have half a tower left you’ll be fine. Use your PEKKA as a tank follow up with E Wiz and have zap, poison, and hog on queue. Rinse and repeat. The main thing is to save your log for GB as well as poison can turn the tide by catching multiple squishy units.

Hog Decks: PEKKA for Hog. Quick Tip, PEKKA + Log/E Wiz perfectly counters Hog. The rest should be pretty easy. Use the troops you used to defend on a counter push.

Giant/Golem Beatdown Decks: Take out the tank with the PEKKA and in most cases can even clean up support or at least tank long enough for crown tower to take it out. Minions take out support troops and the counter push is deadly.

Why the Deck is successful: The PEKKA is used for defense and the counter push is with E Wiz, Minions and Zap. They counter and their troops have very little health. The skeletons distract whatever is left. After the reset Hog+Poison combo puts them on the edge getting basically automatic 500 damage and then they play their tank. You either log it and then minion the tank or if you have enough play the PEKKA and repeat.

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I hope you guys enjoyed Hog Pekka Deck and I also plan to do more deck guides similar to this one So let me know in the comment what do you think about this Hog Pekka Deck guide