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Hi Guys What’s up ins3ne33 here and I want to say something,I have been using this Hog Musketeer Deck since I was in Arena 7, and I feel comfortable playing with it.The deck only consists of commons and rares which means it is fairly easy for everyone to get access to the cards and to upgrade them to a decent level, a great option for all F2P players.

Note :Everyone has different play-style so  this Hog Musketeer Deck might not suit your preference. If You Are going to play this deck That dose not mean you will win every Single game, Initialy you will face struggle. So Give Some Time To this Hog Musketeer Deck I hope you will get huge success :-  

Hog Musketeer Deck


Hog Musketeer Deck Card Role:

  • Hog Rider: Hog Rider is the main tank of my deck. It is a very versatile card and it is very useful because of it’s speed. But remember one this, whenever you are playing against someone with a heavy (Lava/Golem) deck, cycle to your hog and keep it ready, whenever they drop the tank in a lane, instantly push the other lane with your Hog, making him break his combo so you can deal with the golem on its own. But never over-commit on the other lane. A Golem on your tower with a support card is very dangerous.
  • Valkyrie: This is a dynamic card. It can be used for defending or attacking. It can take care of a Ice wiz and a Witch all by its own or Defend a Prince’s charge paired with a cheap unit. When you are playing with a deck that has a tank (Giant) and some support cards like Witch and Wizard, always wait for the witch and wizard to come to the tower and drop the valk on top of them, she will take down both of them. She can also be very helpful if you place a Hog behind her, the Hog Will push her to the enemy tower or towards a defensive build or a Tombstone if there is any and tate them out with the help of the Hog. The key to using her effectively is waiting until the support troops cross the bridge. By dropping her in the center of the support section, you’re ending any possibility the enemy can deal with other troops you spawn. Take a look at This Guide For More Details
  • Musketeer: This is a dynamic card. The Musketeer is the only high direct damage troop capable of attacking air units, which makes her invaluable for defending against air decks.She  is also one of the best air defense cards in this deck so you will want to have her ready on defense most of the time. If you face a heavy air deck, be sure to keep her ready whenever you need her. Take a look at This Guide For More Details
  • Zap :Zap is definitely one of the best cards in Clash Royale because of its versatility. It can help you stop the charging Prince, Sparky. It can reset Inferno Tower’s damage, Royal Giant’s target. It can also 1 hit Spear Goblins, Goblins, Skeletons and Ice Spirit, as well as give your Hog Rider 1 more hit. Zap is just extremely useful!
  • Inferno Tower: With the meta consisting of a lot of Giants, the Inferno Tower allows this fast paced deck to defend against big pushes! In my opinion, the Inferno Tower is a must have in a lot of decks right now. It is also you main build and Tank killer.
  • Fire Spirits: This is card in almost any deck Just because of how effective they are.They allow you to do the pig push cheaply. They can deal hundreds of damage to the Tower. They can take down the whole Minion Horde and Goblin swarms. When coupled with Zap, they can easily take down Barbarians. They also weaken the mini tank your opponent places down while dealing damage to troops nearby. These guys are just so helpful in almost any situation
  • Archers: The Archers are very powerful in terms of damage, and can do around 100 damage per arrow fired, each. Considering all, this is a huge figure and should therefore be used wisely. The Archers can deal with tanks effectively when paired with the a building, but have a weakness when it comes to support units. This is why you must place distractions, such as tanking with the Valk or any other high hitpoints card. The Archers are one of your tri-defense Cards that will fortify your base!
  • Goblins: This high damage card is a great support for many troops, and could be a really nice alternative to your inferno tower if you cannot bring it in for any reason. They can quite easily kill a slow, lone tank that targets buildings (Giant, Royal Giant) when paired some other troop taking the damage. You can use it to stop a prince or kill a mini pekka with the help of your tower or kill some such as Princess.

Hog Musketeer Deck Gameplay:

This is a very fast paced deck but that doesn’t mean you can go all out at once. Be careful about you elixir and place down troops carefully for a Positive-Elixir trade 

The Problems with this deck or what kills the deck easily. If the opponent has a Bowler or a Log. Because every time you send the hog with helping units like Goblins, the Log can push your hog back and at the same time kill your firespirits as well. For people who counter your hog with Barbs, Send your Hog with firespirits and keep your Zap ready. It can kill level 11 barbs too.

And always be the first one to get the information. Don’t give him the surprise element. For the first time send the Hog alone and watch what he does, pair the hog with some unit only if he has dropped something on the other lane and you know he is low on elixir. Skarmy is getting a lot of attention recently so be ready with your Zap when you send the Hog. A very painful card for this deck like Graveyard can be countered easily. You can play archers close to the Kind tower, so even if they Fireball (as Zap cannot kill archers) they have to make sure they don’t hit the king tower.

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Once Again Thanks for reading this Hog Musketeer Deck ! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.