Hog Mirror Deck

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Hog Mirror Deck After September Update

Hey guys it’s H! AaqibzZz and today I am going to share with you my favorite Hog Mirror Deck Arena 6 Which is rocking in Arena 6 .In recent(9/19) Update They Give a huge buff to Mirror Now Mirrors cards 1 level higher than its own level After September Update Mirror Is One of the Best Card  in Clash Royale,

This Hog Mirror Deck is one of the cheapest yet a very effective deck for trophy pushing. I have tested it myself and it give me a good match result. Since I haven’t shared deck for lower arena,I hope this will give you some good ideas and techniques for trophy pushing Let’s See How Hog Mirror Deck Works.

Hog Mirror Deck

Hog Mirror Deck Strategy:

Hog Rider Your main tank used to take down the towers, as you will be able to cycle through very quickly. Mirror will allow you to double the trouble by having two Hog Riders If you play it right you can even get 2 Hog Riders at the same time both hogs can get lots of damage Hog Mirror Deck


When you start your match go ahead and play the Hogs+minions or Hogs+Goblins or  You have to wait and see whats your opponent droping according to that you can make your  strategy Now Once you hit 10 Elixir  go ahead and play the Hogs+minions or Hogs+Goblins. Hog Mirror Deck

Now on to the coolest part about this deck the Double Hog Rider! This the most powerful combo in this deck. As they can deal tons of damage, sometimes it’s better to play offensively to force your player Hog Mirror Deck

Be sure to use the Cannon reactively to hit your opponent’s Royal Giant. Use other troops to deal with supporting troops near the Royal Giant.  Minions + Goblins can deal loads of damage withing seconds and take down the Royal Giant very quickly. If your opponent plays Wizard, you will need to wait until that Wizard has crossed the river and immediately kill him at that point.  Hog Mirror Deck

Hog Mirror Deck Extra Tips

  • If you come up against the Sparky + Giant combo, you can deal with it by using the Cannon to separate them. Then drop your Minions and Goblins/Skeletons right on top of the Sparky. Sparky is the top priority as it can easily 2 hit your Tower. It’s better to deal with Giant later, after taking out Sparky.
  • The Cannon really helps big time with defending your Towers and using the Mirror you can duplicate the Hog Rider. Then the Zap will let you take out a horde of troops or a weakened Crown Tower.

The Sparky is one of the hardest cards to counter in this game and will give you a run for your money, so be sure to counter it as quickly as possible or your tower is gone.Also, the Royal Giant will prove to be challenging if you don’t have the Cannon ready to deal with it. Hog Mirror Deck