Hog Mega Minion Deck

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Hey Guys! Its xLukzz here, and today i just hit 4000 Trophies as a lv 9 and I wanted to share you the Hog Mega Minion Deck that got me here!This deck only has one legendary and tournament standard cards ( only exception is lv10 zap) Let’s Take a look on this Hog Mega Minion Deck Guide

Hog Mega Minion Deck

Hog Mega Minion Deck Card Role:


  • Hog Rider – The Main win condition of this deck, the hog rider is a pretty easy card to understand, drop it with an ice spirit and sometimes a prediction fireball and watch it get a few hits on the tower
  • Zap – Very good card, used mainly for clearing out small troops, reseting inferno towers, sparkys and inferno dragons. Pretty easy card to explain, Hog Mega Minion Deck
  • Ice SpiritFor 1 elixir, this card is OP, the ice spirits role in this deck is similar to the Zap. Good combo with the Hog Rider because if you’re opponent doesn’t have a defense, the hog will at least get a hit
  • Mega Minion – The main damage dealer of this deck, used mainly as a defensive card turned offensive ( runner ). Great for killing ground units and small troops your opponent might use to kill your hog. Its ability to one shot minions and lavapups make it really good against lavahound.
  • Fireball – I used to punish people who clump all their troops together. Really good when dealing with players who’s only defense has Barbs/Minion Horde as you can easily predict their placement with an early fireball. Can also be used on Elixir Collector to deny 5 elixir from it
  • Inferno Tower – This is main defense of the deck, really good card especially when alot of people are running tank + support combos now. It is also a zap bait for your skeleton army, Hog Mega Minion Deck
  • Skeleton Army –  You Should only be used on defense, unless you know your opponent has no counters to it. Insane dps in a short amount of time, can easily take out a lone hog or tank if your opponent has no counter, if they zap your skeleton army, then you have your inferno tower to melt those tanks
  • Princess – A very important card in this deck, the princess’s role is to clear out small troops on both offence and defence. I usually put princess on the opposite lane my opponent is pushing, so they have to deal with it separately. The only replacement i can think of Princess is maybe Ice Wizard but otherwise, there is no real replacement

this deck is good because it allows you to get positive elixir trades often. In This you have so many Cheap hog Push Like Hog+Ice Spirit, Hog+Mega minion ect ect So yeah that’s the Hog Mega Minion Deck, Hope you guys enjoy it If you have any Question feel free to ask 



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