Hog Mega Knight Deck

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Hi Guys RickChum Hog Mega Knight Deck With Hog Mega Knight Deck and I will Show you My Hog Mega Knight Deck Which is working well in Arena 10 This deck is best if your cards are 11/8/4/1. Pushing your trophies is a big challenge in the Arena Arena. The deck is strong and It can easly counter Hog Rider, Aerial, and Slow-Push Decks so come and take a look at this Hog Mega Knight Deck guide

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Hog Mega Knight Deck

Hog Mega Knight Deck Card Roles:


Mega Knight – Your late game tank and push leader. If you have Mega Knight in your hand, try not to over commit on pushes. Push with Solo Hog and counter push with Mega Knight. Risky to use early on because you’re left with a mediocre threat and 7 Elixir down. Mega Knight is your main counter-push/tank, his high health and splash damage makes him a great counter to support troops.

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Hog Rider – Main Win Condition. Hog can be used as a bait or even a tank in desperate situations. Use Solo Hog or with Bats/Minions/Ice Golem if they don’t have the counter, else use solo to bait cards. Push other lanes during stale, or to pressure, or even while they’re pushing though this is very risky.

Musketeer – Main defense and ranged unit. Use Musky for most situations, high damage and high range lets it sit back and shoot at a safe distance. Great for supporting the Mega Knight, thought mainly for counter-pushing. Place in middle to defend both lanes at the same time.

Bats and Minions – Anti-Air. If you have Minions and Bats in your hand, decide whether you want more Damage but gets one shot OR less damage but lives longer, the decision could cost your tower. Bats are more damage, 2 more units, but gets one shot. Minions are less DPS, generally get 2-3 shot.

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Ice Golem – Tank and “”Pekka Kiter””. I often save Ice Golem to tank instead of using him in front of the Hog. Paired with Zap and take out Minions or stall hits for your Hog Rider. Often used to kite the Pekka because it hard counters this deck D: Your main Tank during regular Elixir, great for tanking hits or kiting troops.

Zap – Basic spell. Reset Inferno Dragon/Tower, stall out a hit, Ice Golem and Zap to kill Minions and Goblins, Zap to cycle.

The Log Basic spell. Reset Charges, Knockback, deal damage to large pushes

Hog Mega Knight Deck Gameplan:

This Hog Mega Knight Deck similar to a Hog Rider + PEKKA deck but is using the Mega Knight to do a heavy counter-push.This deck is the best decks to use Classic Challenge.

In Starting Hand  You can combine Hog  with your cheap units such as the Bats or Goblins and  a tank in front by using the Ice Golem.

If the opponent tries to make his own push on opposite lane, You have to  to use your Mega Knight and his splash damage to Counter his push

In Defence Mega Knight Will be your main defense unit of this deck. Use him Just Like a Pekka.He can Om Counter Push He will be your support cards or go heavy with your push.

You can also use the Ice Golem to lure and distract while you finish them off with Goblins  Bats for a cheaper push.

Musketeer Will be your Main Anti Air Troops Main air defence  and ranged unit. Great for supporting the Mega Knight, thought mainly for counter-pushing. 

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So guys this was the guide I hope you liked it and this Hog Mega Knight Deck guide helps you to Reached 3.6k throphies. If you have any questions about the or the Hog Mega Knight Deck  guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments