Hog Lumberjack Deck

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Hog Lumberjack  Deck Arena 8+

Hi Guys What’s up Deep_CR Here And Today i am going to show you Hog Lumberjack  Deck for Arena 8+This is a deck that i used to get me into Legendary Arena. It is a Hog Lumberjack  Deck but not really for cycling. This Hog Lumberjack  Deck is very versatile and can face a wide variety of challenges. I have gotten from the 2600 trophy range to consistently staying in the 3100s. Hog Lumberjack  Deck

Hog Lumberjack Deck

How It’s Used Hog Lumberjack  Deck

This deck’s win condition is the Hog Rider. The main push is Lumberjack, Witch, Hog Rider. You will want to place your Witch behind your Kings Tower and wait for it to get close to the bridge. Once it is there, drop a Lumberjack to tank and then a Hog Rider right behind it. The Witch will be able to stop air and ground swarm units while the Lumberjack will take out some heavy hitters. It works even better when the LJ dies. The rage spills everywhere, making the push hard to stop. Hog Lumberjack  Deck

The raged Hog will decimate the tower while the Witch will support it and spawn skeletons. The raged skeletons will also kill the tower very fast. The Log is used on defense as well as the cannon. One great push is a LJ + Barbs push. If your opponent has already used troops that counter Barbs, use this push. If they cannot defend it well, their tower is gone. Hog Lumberjack  Deck


Hog Lumberjack Deck Against Buildings

  • Cannon – Drop the LJ on the bridge to tank the cannon shot and then drop a Hog Rider over the river to get the shortest possible way to the cannon to take it out. It can also be taken out with Hog and Barb push. You have to make sure that the Barbs tank the damage though. Witch may also work because of the skeletons she spawns but it is hard to do.
  • Bomb Tower – This deck is also extremely susceptible to Bomb Towers. They can ruin the whole push because of the Bomb’s Splash. It will kill the LJ while damaging the Hog at the same time. It can also counter the Witch. If the Bomb Tower is used. Try to lure it out and then use a unique pushes. If they use the Bomb Tower to defend the Hog, push with LJ and Barbs.
  • Inferno Tower – Tank with the LJ and have the raged Hog kill the Inferno Tower. If you have a Witch down, the Hog will survive with more health. The spawned skeletons along with the Hog will make quick work of the Inferno Tower. You can also use your Zap to reset the Inferno Tower’s damage. Inferno Tower will slow down the pushes, likely causing the game to be decided in overtime.

Hog Lumberjack Deck Weaknesses

This deck is slightly weak to Lava Hounds and Bowler Decks. It is weak to Lava Hound decks that have poison or fireball. They can kill the Witch with those two spells, the only troop that can do constant air attacks. If this happens, you may lose the tower. The cannon can be used to drag the Lava Hound away to buy you some time. You may be able to cycle back to your Witch. The Fire Spirits can be used to take out any Minions or Minion Hordes. Hog Lumberjack  Deck

It is also weak to Bowler Decks due to the lack of air troops. There is nothing in this deck that flies. The best way to defend the Bowler is to drag the tank (Giant) away with the cannon. Then you must surround the Bowler with Barbarians to kill it. This usually only works the first time because they will poison your barbs as well next time. The Witch is also easily taken out by the Bowler. As a last resort, you can use the Barbarians to tank the Bowler and use the LJ to finish it off fast. I usually have trouble against Bowler decks if they can build up a lot of elixir.  Hog Lumberjack  Deck

The Verdict / TL;DR

This deck is good in a variety of situations and utilizes two legendary cards. It is a good deck that can destroy one tower with lightning speed. Use a LJ, Hog, Witch combo to destroy the tower and Barbs + Cannon to defend. In the case of a Lava Hound, push enough so they can build up elixir. Try to survive against Bowler Decks.

Good Luck and Have Fun in the Arena! If you have any questions feel free to ask. Any new tips or tricks will be greatly appreciated. Hog Lumberjack  Deck