Hog Lightning Deck 2018 Arena 9+

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Hey guys, Aaqib Javed here! Today, I’ve decided to share with you my new Hog Lightning Deck 2018 Arena 9+ that got me to Arena 12 from Arena 9 This Hog Lightning Deck 2018 Arena 9+ is very popular after April Update This Hog Lightning Deck 2018 Arena 9+ is  becoming meta once again in Grand Challenges but also works just as well on ladder So Come and take a look at this Hog Lightning Deck 2018 Arena 9+ guide Take a Look at this Tornado Hog Battle Ram Deck guide

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Hog Lightning Deck 2018 Arena 9+

Hog Lightning Deck 2018 Arena 9+

The main strategy for this Hog Lightning Deck 2018 Arena 9+ is simple. Outside of the last 60 seconds you should mainly be concerned with defending whatever your opponent attacks you with and then going on counter attacks with the Hog or Knight.

Inside of the last minute, you focus down your attack to a single lane. By now, you should know how they will counter your Hog and this will dictate what card you will use with your Hog rider. 


For example, if they used a building or hard hitter such as mega minion, musketeer or mini-pekka, couple the Hog with a Lightning. If they use small cost units such as fire spirits or goblins, use the log. 

If they use minions units, send in the Hog with an Ice spirit a. I generally have the most success by placing down the Hog right as double elixir starts and ready whatever card I am pairing it with.

Despite mainly wanting to play on the counter attack outside of the last 60 seconds, there are times where it is a good idea to go aggressive. For example, when the enemy places a Golem, it is best to attack the opposite tower with a Hog+Ice spirit as this will deal huge damage to their tower if left unchecked.

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That’s about it for this Hog Lightning Deck 2018 Arena 9+ guide! It’s my first ever so please leave feedback below. Also ask questions. I’ll answer as much as I possibly can! Thank you so much for reading!