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Hey Hog Knight Cycle Deck everyone This Hog Knight Cycle Deck is made by Grax’s for youtuber Challenge You all know how to play Hog cycle Deck This basically Hog Knight Cycle Deck With 5 commons, 3 rares and This Hog Knight Cycle Deck is primarily defensive, and should be played accordingly. Use the beginning of the match to scout out what spells and counters to the Hog your opponent has, playing very passively. If your opponent over commits, punishing with a hog can land you some quick damage.All top 10  Clash Royale Youtuber Challenge Decks Guide For 

Hog Knight Cycle Deck Youtuber Challenge Decks

Grax’s Deck Card Roles:All top 10  Clash Royale Youtuber Challenge Decks Guide For 

Hog– Your main win condition. Cheap but absolutely deadly if played at the right time. This deck is all about knowing when to play passive and when to play aggressive, and a well-timed hog will win the game


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Knight This card is a beast on defense. Paired with any other card, he’ll stop those ever-hated Elite Barbarians in their tracks. When they get a monster push going, plop him smack down in the middle of their support and he’ll take care of them easily.After defending, use him as a tank for your Hog and you’ll be golden. Oh, and he’s only 3 elixir.

Inferno Tower- Incredibly powerful defense, able to shut down huge pushes with ease. The Inferno allows you to push opposite lane much more heavily if your opponent deploys a tank as the Inferno will handle the tank. Overall, an incredibly powerful defensive structure that can get great value. Watch out for minions though.

Ice Spirit- Valuable little spirit that can change outcomes of interactions while also cycling your deck. It will buy you that last second on defense that can often be the difference between life and death.

Archers Since there are Graveyard Deck in this outuber Challenge so They can pick off swarms and glass cannons easily from a distance, just make sure something is tanking for them They also have one of the best starting moves in the game: splitting them in the back!

Bats: this deck making the deck cycle extremely fast while also doubling as Zap bait alongside your Inferno. Very powerful card that I could certainly see being nerved in the future but as for now, Bats are the way to go.

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Fireball: The all-around favorite when it comes to direct damage spells.If they counter your Hog with any kind of glass cannon or something similar, Fireball it for value/chip damage.Towards the end, send predictive Fireballs with your Hog to get hundreds of damage in


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I hope that this Grax’s Deck is the solution to any of you struggling with finding a good F2P deck out there.