Hog Inferno Tower Deck

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What’s up guys, hayd3n here. I wanted to showcase what I believe is one of the strongest Hog Inferno Tower Deck for ladder, which I have recently been able to break 4600 with. My cards are currently 11/8.5/5/2 in case you were wondering so come and take a look at this Hog Inferno Tower Deck  guide

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Hog Inferno Tower Deck

Hog Inferno Tower Deck Card Roles:

Hog– Your main win condition. Cheap but absolutely deadly if played at the right time. This deck is all about knowing when to play passive and when to play aggressive, and a well-timed hog will win the game


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Inferno Tower- Incredibly powerful defense, able to shut down huge pushes with ease. The Inferno allows you to push opposite lane much more heavily if your opponent deploys a tank as the Inferno will handle the tank. Overall, an incredibly powerful defensive structure that can get great value. Watch out for minions though.

Ice Wizard- Incredibly underrated card. His defensive value is unmatched, even when under-leveled. Not much to say about this guy, he just makes defending infinitely easier.

Zap/The Log- Personal preference here. Zap is slightly more offensive, where Log is more defensive. Log does much more damage while zap can hit air and reset. Personally I prefer The Log, but both are excellent options.

Poison- Your epic to level up on Sunday. I’ve also tested with Fireball, but I believe Poison’s much larger radius and higher damage is worth the time it takes to take effect. Poison will melt through nearly anything your opponent pays to stop your Hog, and it is also much more forgiving than Fireball.

Ice Spirit- Valuable little spirit that can change outcomes of interactions while also cycling your deck. It will buy you that last second on defense that can often be the difference between life and death.

Knight- Incredibly tanky card that has similar DPS to a musketeer, all for 3 elixir. A jack of all trade, there aren’t many situations where a Knight wouldn’t be useful.

Bats- I used to use the Minions, but ever since since the 5th Bat was added, they seem to perform much better than Minions in this deck, making the deck cycle extremely fast while also doubling as Zap bait alongside your Inferno. Very powerful card that I could certainly see being nerved in the future but as for now, Bats are the way to go.

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Hog Inferno Tower Deck First Two Minutes

This deck is primarily defensive, and should be played accordingly. Use the beginning of the match to scout out what spells and counters to the Hog your opponent has, playing very passively. If your opponent over commits, punishing with a hog can land you some quick damage.

I rarely use the Poison in the beginning, with an exception being something like I have Hog and Poison in my hand and their only counter in hand is a Skarmy or something like that.

There aren’t many other reasons to play Poison early on, unless you need it to stop an unexpected minion horde or some scenario like that. If you have better defensive options than Poison in your hand, ALWAYS USE THEM. Also keep in mind that you’ll need to pressure the opposite lane if your opponent drops a Golem or Lava Hound.

It is acceptable to push into the same lane as a Giant if you have Poison in hand, but know this might back fire. It’s quite disappointing to push into the Giant only to find Elite Barbarians waiting. So overall, play primarily passive, using the Hog and Poison only at opportune times.

Also keep in mind that this deck cycles extremely quickly, so cycle when necessary.

Hog Inferno Tower Deck Double Elixir/Overtime

As soon as the clock hits 1:00, this deck becomes really nasty. Now that you know your opponent’s rotation and counters, you can tailor your pushes to shut down their defenses. You’ll still want to rely mainly on counter pushes, but if you notice that your opponent is consistently making negative trades, you can use you elixir advantage to cycle to another Hog and catch them without a counter. However, still play smart. Spam cycling will not always win games, and as I mentioned earlier, this deck is all about patience and timing, part of which just comes with practice.

Hog Inferno Tower Deck Weaknesses/Bad Matchups

Minion Horde- Be extremely careful when facing Minion Horde. You shouldn’t have too many problems with Minion Horde in general, but if they catch you with a bad hand, there’s very little you can do.

Tornado- Not a fun card to face, especially when paired with a splash unit. Not much to say here. Out cycle if possible.

Bowler- Tricky one to deal with. He’ll bowl right through your push, so split pushing and cycling are your best options.

Mini P.E.K.K.A.- This guy shreds through Hogs. Try to have a Knight in front and Bats to support, and only push when you know you can take out the Mini P.E.K.K.A. or at least distract it.

Hog Inferno Tower Deck Conclusion:

Overall, this deck has a very high skill cap and will only get better from when you start. Keep in mind that this is a control deck with cycling capabilities.

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Shared by hayden524

Give it a go and if you have any questions make sure to comment them. Thanks for checking out the deck, best of luck.