Mega Knight Hog Inferno Dragon Deck

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Hey guys Mega Knight Hog Inferno Dragon Deck Today, I’m gonna share with you an extremely strong Mega Knight Hog Inferno Dragon Deck that brought me to 4k with a Level 1 Mega Knight! It’s a 3.4 Hog Cycle deck that has two legendaries in it. Without further ado, let’s look at the Mega Knight Take a look at here For More Mega Knight Decks

Mega Knight Hog Inferno Dragon Deck

Mega Knight Hog Inferno Dragon Deck Card Roles:


Hog Rider: The main win condition of this deck, and a controversial one too. Many people think this card is OP, but that’s not what this is about. This card is sleek, fast, and cheap. Be sure to use him at the right time, or he’ll get no value and you’ll be stuck defending a big counterpush.

Ice Golem: So many uses for one card! For just 2 elixir, he can act as an offensive mini tank, a defensive mini tank, can kite, and kill Skeletons and Bats with his Death Nova. You can try replacing him with Knight, but I prefer the Ice Golem here.

Goblins: Super important card! Ever since the Skeletons nerf, the Goblins have become one of the best cards in the game. They’re an amazing cycle card and do incredible DPS. They pair incredibly well with the Hog Rider and Ice Golem.

Bats: I originally had Minions in this deck, but the Bats are just better. For one less elixir, Bats do much more DPS and are faster. Minions are more of a threat and can survive a Zap. I prefer the Bats over Minions, but either one can work in this deck.

Inferno Dragon: Your main defensive unit. He can burn right through Golems, Giants, PEKKAs, Mega Knights, Balloons, and Lava Hounds. The Inferno Dragon works better than the Inferno Tower in this deck because the Dragon can counterpush, whereas the Tower just sits there.

Mega Knight: This card is hard to acquire, but when you do, it’s an incredible card. Everyone thought this card would be OP, but it actually is perfectly balanced. The spawn stomp is incredibly valuable and has won me several games in the past. Irreplaceable.

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Zap: I’ve chosen the Zap over the mighty Log in this deck. Its instant cast time and 0.5 second stun are just far too valuable. Plus, it’s a common card, so it’s easy to level up to level 11 or 12, while it’s hard to get The Log up past level 2.

Fireball: A staple spell in Cycle decks. Its much faster than Rocket, and cheaper, too. It also does a decent amount of damage. Not as much as Rocket, but that’s fine.

Mega Knight Hog Inferno Dragon Deck Gameplay:

Early game (3:00-2:30)- In this stage, you want to play a bit slowly. Start with split Goblins, Bats at the bridge, Ice Golem in the back, or maybe a lone Hog. Normally, you don’t want to commit your Inferno Dragon or Mega Knight, as they are your main defensive units.

The worst starting hand you can have is the two spells, Mega Knight, and Inferno Dragon. If this happens, wait until they play something. If they play a Fireball-y unit, such as a Musketeer, Wizard, or Witch, in the back, just throw a Fireball at it.

If they rush with a Hog or Elite Barbs, use your Mega Knight. He’ll stomp on them and allow 0 hits on your tower from Ebarbs, and when placed and timed correctly, 0 hits from the Hog. If improper timing is used, then the Hog will get 1-3 shots.

Middlegame (2:30-1:00)- Now you can start using small Hog combos, such as the famous Ice Golem-Hog Rider combo. You should have scouted out his Hog counters and main win condition by now, so just keep defending and counterpushing.

Double Elixir/Overtime (1:00-OT)- Cycle, cycle, cycle! Now is the time to use bigger Hog combos such as Ice Golem-Hog-Goblins-Fireball ultra push. At this point, its okay to cycle Fireballs onto the tower to chip him out, as long as you can defend effectively.

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That does it for this Mega Knight Hog Inferno Dragon Deck guide! Feel free to leave criticism down below, as I haven’t made one of these in a while. Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a great rest of your day!