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Hi guys Aaqib Javed here  and today I am sharing my new Goblin Barrel Heal Spell Deck which help me to gain me200 trophies in one day I had been using this Goblin Barrel Heal Spell Deck Since i got Heal Spell from Heal Draft Challenge.This Deck relies heavily on defense to win the game, in fact the only real damage dealing card in this Deck is Goblin Barrel then Hog Plus If You combined this card with Heal Spell then barrel can done lots of damage because zap can’t kill same level goblins So come and take a look at this Goblin Barrel Heal Spell Deck guide

Goblin Barrel Heal Spell Deck

Goblin Barrel Heal Spell Deck Card Roles:

Hog Rider – Your primary tower killer. He rushes the enemy tower and can do heavy damage. Pair him with any troop in this deck to create a strong push. When pushing with the Hog Rider, have a Zap always ready to take out a Skeleton Army.

Goblin Barrel – This is your secondary tower killer. It has a lot of potential to do heavy damage to an enemy tower and causes lots of pressure. It’s not easy to do that though You can use it at the beginning of the game to test what type of response the opponent has and if you’re lucky do a good bit of chip damage (300 ~ 600).Use it when you know zap or arrows is out of the opponent’s cycle. When doing so, the better way to cast the goblin barrel On tower Then Send Hog+Goblin Barrel +Heal because the goblins will be unaffected by the AOE unit while the Hogs will be tanks for them.


Inferno Tower – The inferno tower is my favourite building in the entire game! I’ve been using it since arena 6. Even though this card is pricey, it offers a lot of value for it’s price, making for some insane positive elixir trades! You can 90% of the time rely on this card, paired with another defense to shut down any push coming your way It’s a must have in this Deck, because it needs massive Air defense and as well groubd decks (against Lava Hound Decks+Giant or Golem Decks) and You want to plant it like usual, 3 tiles from the King Tower.

Heal Spell: This is a new best card in the Game it synergises very well with most of the cards in this deck. Heal + Goblin barrel,Hog + Heal and Musketeer + heal is also a good combothat is hard to stop without taking lots of damage, especially in 2x elixir Some Time i play Alone Hog in one Lane and Barrel+heal in Other lane Its also works well for me

Zap: It’s a 2 Elixir spell with a stun effect. Good for taking out swarmy troops, weakening Minions, reset sparky, Inferno Tower/dragon and is really useful with the Balloon.If your Balloon is at critical health you can Zap the tower and this will ensure your Balloon get at least one hit on so We all know the insane powers of the zap spell, so let’s move on!

Musketeer: This is a very versatile card and a beast on defense Anti Air troop  this card gives you great single target damage to pick off any pesky troops, does great damage when dropped behind the Giant. If you seem to be facing a lot of Lava Hound decks or decks with a lot of spell bait and swarm card, sub in the Wizard. He is just as good but a bit more expensive for the ability to deal splash damage.

Skeleton Army – This is a very versatile card and a beast on defense. It’s often instrumental in stopping tank pushes, being placed behind the tank to take out or distract its support units. If your opponent has log, try not to play this card in the same area as either tombstone or archers so as to not give your opponent too much value. My preferred secondary counter to graveyard if the opponent fireballs Musketeer.

Fireball: This spell is just so versatile. you can Use it to finish off low hp towers, take out squishy troops like mega minion, barbarians, and support troops like musketeer! This spell is also great at weakening elite barbs when you need to use an emergency defense verse them!

Goblin Barrel Heal Spell Deck General Gameplan:

As earlier mentioned, this Deck relies on defense. In the beginning of the game, The main push with this Hog Goblin Barrel Deck is Goblin Barrel with Hog Rider, always send the Goblin Barrel first and send the Hog Rider right after to get the maximum value. You can use the Zap to get rid of the most used card against this push that is the Skeleton Army

Here are some strong pushes to use.

Hog Rider + Zap – Basic push

Hog Rider + Goblin Barrel –  I use this push when close to full elixir because your opponent can easily punish you with a strong counter-push

Heal + Hog Rider + Goblin – The “New Trifecta”. You can easily deal heavy damage to your opponent’s tower with this combo

Goblin + Heal Spell – This can catch people off guard if they have just used their Zap on Skarmy

In Current Meta  there are Some popular Decks right now in the game Such as Miner cycle Decks, Hog cycle Decks, and tank Decks. Tank Decks are the easiestway to dealing with, using Skeleton Army and Inferno Tower to take out the Giant and SArmy to take out the supporting Troops

Miner use Skeleton Army or Ice Spirit. Most Miner Decks rely on spam units so Princess, Ice Wizard, and Ice Spirit should take them out pretty easily.

Hog cycle Decks are harder to face you can use Skeleton Army to take out the hog. If he uses  Zaps to counter yous SArmy then Inferno Tower will be the best option

I’ve found this Goblin Barrel Heal Spell Deck is weakest to the LavaLoon Lighting Deck

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This is my Goblin Barrel Heal Spell Deck guide and i help You like it some of you that are looking for a new fun deck please try this deck