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Hi Guys bezmetric_4ziua here and today i am going to show to my Hog Goblin Barrel Deck This deck is all about cycling back to your Inferno Tower, after you send Hogs and Barrels.This deck is quite hard to play but once you learn it, it’s very hard for your opponent to stop you So come and take a look at this small Hog Goblin Barrel Deck guide

Hog Goblin Barrel Deck

Hog Goblin Barrel Deck Strategy:

The main push with this Hog Goblin Barrel Deck is Goblin Barrel with Hog Rider, always send the Goblin Barrel first and send the Hog Rider right after to get the maximum value. You can use the Zap to get rid of the most used card against this push that is the Skeleton Army, or use a prediction Log.


Other pushes consist of sending an Ice Golem or an Ice spirit down the lane and a Goblin Barrel right after, again to get the max value, this push got a lot better since the Goblin Barrel buff, because not everyone has The Log, and the Zap does not kill the Goblins anymore. The Ice Golem and the Ice Spirit are the tanks of this pushes, and if your ice spirit is the same level as your opponent it will also freeze it. If your opponent uses a Skeleton Army to counter the Barrel you can zap, but that is up to you, because the tower will retarget to the Goblins, and you can use the Ice Golem to clean the Skeleton Army. You can also use the Hog Rider with the Ice Spirit and the Ice Golem tanking.

Defense your towers with the Inferno Tower, and use the Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Skeleton Army to soak up damage from the support troops. If you have a Prince coming down the lane, use an Ice Spirit to freeze it, or if you don’t have enough time, to tank a hit. Musketeers, Valkyries, Executioner, Bowler, all the wizards can be distracted by the Ice Golem while the Inferno Tower is melting them down.

The Ideal First Hand is Ice Golem behind the King Tower at ten elixir to see what your opponent plays, that can be long after used as a tank for The Goblin Barrel. If your opponent uses Elite Barbarians i use first an Ice Spirit to avoid things like prediction Zap, The Log or Arrows, and place a Skeleton Army after, If not i put down my Inferno Tower.

Pros of this Hog Goblin Barrel Deck is that the only cards that need to be a certain level are the Ice Golem, to destroy skeletons with the death damage, and the Ice Spirit, because you need it to be able to freeze the tower. Also this deck makes opponents rage, so after the first hand you might have a free win because the opponent left.

Hog Goblin Barrel Deck Replacements:

  • The Log – Fireball
  • Skeleton Army – Goblin Gang
  • Zap – Fire Spirits

I prefer the Zap over the Fire Spirits because they can be easily destroyed.

Hog Goblin Barrel Deck Pros

  1. Very unexpectable
  2. Cheap and fast
  3. Hybrid, can switch playstyle completely

Hog Goblin Barrel Deck Cons

  1. Weak to  Spells Baits
  2. Weak to Executioner or Wizard Decks
  3. Weak to Lava Loon Deck

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Once Again Thanks for reading this Hog Goblin Barrel Deck ! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.