Hog Freeze Payfecta Deck

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Hey guys, my name is RallerZ, I am a level 11 at 4300 trophies and I would like to share a Hog Freeze Payfecta Deck that has got me plenty of success on ladder, it’s extremely fun to use and very versatile. This is my first guide I’m posting here so please take it easy on me so come and take a look at this Hog Freeze Payfecta Deck guide

Hog Freeze Payfecta Deck

Hog Freeze Payfecta Deck Card Role:

  1. Hog Rider – The main card of this deck, he’s gonna take you down dem towers! Nothing much to say, high damage card, lotta versatility, cannot be replaced!
  2. Freeze – Your surprise card, mainly used with the Hog Rider, takes your opponent by surprise since the card is usually used with graveyard and it’s not so popular right now, can save you in times of desperation!
  3. Zap- A card that I cannot not have in my deck, this card is a must in this deck, however you can replace it with the Log.
  4. Miner- This is a card that you use on your own way, you can play it offensively or you can use it to take down pumps and princesses, it’s not your main card but it will help you out to chip damage a tower and take out pumps!
  5. Princess- A great legendary, you can use it offensively or defensively, takes out hordes and helps out when you don’t have a zap for big groups of troops and its always gonna make your opponent waste elixir, can replace with archers!
  6. Ice Wizard- Imo, the best legendary in the game, even tough it doesn’t one shot equal level skeletons, this chill dude is the king of defense, it has low offensive capabilities in this deck but rules on defense, great for countering tanks, can replace with ice spirit or electro wizard!
  7. Barbarians- For me, the best tank killer in the game (troop wise), match it up with the ice wizard and you got yourself a brick wall that your opponent will hardly break trough, can be replaced with Inferno Tower but it will not be as effective!
  8. Skeleton Army- The log bait for the princess, great to take out single target support units such as the musketeer, the archers and a lot more, can be replaced with the log or minions!

Hog Freeze Payfecta Deck General Game Plan:

You have to be very cautions with this Payfecta Deck, freeze is a relatively dangerous card to play, so i recommend to only play the freeze spell in double elixir time or when you see a golden opportunity where you will get big payoff from using it! Main combo will always be Hog Rider and Freeze, don’t play the freeze too early when the hog has a big chunk of health remaining, instead play it when its almost dying because your opponent wont be expecting you to play it and you will be able to get some nice damage off the tower, if not take it. Use the miner to take out princess and pumps, no princess, no pumps? Use it to chip away the tower when you are at full elixir and it will also cycle your deck. The princess, use it to chip or defensively for stuff like minions or skarmy! The freeze can also be used defensively if you don’t wanna take damage on your tower, for pushes with tanks, use the freeze and the barbarians to take out the support troops. The deck is just based off of surprising your opponent with the freeze. Also, if your opponent has an Inferno tower, don’t bother to use freeze cause if its in the range of the other tower your hog will not make it.

Hog Freeze Payfecta Deck strengths:


  1. Royal Giant and Giant Decks – Barbarians and Ice Wizard will hold the down the fort for you, sometimes you might not even take a shot from the RG if you place the Ice Wizard and Barbarians early on.
  2. Elite Barbarians Decks – Skarmy and Barbarians, place both of them in the middle because if your opponent doesn’t have the zap but has the log, he will most likely log in the tower direction instead of the middle, and that will grant you a POSITIVE ELIXIR TRADE.
  3. Hog Rider Decks – Barbarians do the trick, just try to outcycle them and you should be good!
  4. Pekka and Golem Decks – If they play Pekka or Golem just rush them on the opposite lane with a lone Hog Rider, cause if you over commit you are gonna get punished on defense, still, ALWAYS use the Ice Wizard to defend tanks, and then use Barbs or Skarmy and whatever is available to you!

Hog Freeze Payfecta Deck Weaknesses

  1. Lava Hound Decks – So this depends a lot either you are using minions or skarmy in the deck, if you are using minions, you should be fine to defend, if you are using skarmy, well, as soon as they play their Lava Hound, immediately rush them with barbarians and the hog because playing them isn’t a waste but it’s instead a good thing because in air decks barbarians are useless for defense so you have to use them offensively! Deploy the barbarians in front and the Hog in the back, this will guarantee you a tower almost all the time and he will waste his elixir and the Lava Hound support troops!
  2. Graveyard Decks – Now, Graveyard isn’t a big weakness to this deck, however it can depend if you are using minions or skarmy, zap kills skarmy but it doesn’t kill minions, so this is a personal choice that I leave in your hands, you might suffer a bit when defending Graveyard but you should have no problem taking out towers with this deck!

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So this is my Hog Freeze Payfecta Deck guide and i help You like it some of you that are looking for a new fun deck please try this deck! See you in the Arena!