Hog Freeze Deck

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Hi guys Riddle0219[ back and i am Just sharing a Hog Freeze Deck I’ve been using today to collect as many crowns as possible for my clan chest. I did not drop trophies and I’m playing in the 4200-4300 trophy range at the moment.this is a deck to collect crowns and I don’t intend it to be competitive just yet, but it’s still really fun to play I will recommend you to play this for Collect Crowns For Clan Chest so come and take a look at this Hog Freeze Deck Guide:

Hog Freeze Deck

Hog Freeze Deck Card Role:

  1. Hogrider – Obviously your main winning condition. Since this is an aggressive deck, I play hogrider and pigpush whenever he’s in my hand without caring too much if I’ll get into an elixir disadvantage. If I lose at least I should be able to get one crown
  2. Elite Barbs  – Expensive but strong defensive card and alternate winning condition, can be deadly paired with hog rider and and If You will Combined This with Freeze spell That will be very strong Combo sometime You can also Ice Spirit instead of Freeze spell
  3. Archers – Archers are just a ranged attacker I use in most of my decks, but if you can use princess too. I personally don’t use princess because mine is level 2 and can’t two shot level 13 minions. Split archers behind the tower is a great way to passively generate elixir and cycle your deck
  4. Minions  – Versatile flying troop that work really well with the hogrider and the combo can be deadly paired with freeze as the minions will take out normal counters to hog like barbs or elite barbs
  5. Ice Spirit  – Cycle card and useful to pigpush and freeze whatever your opponent plans to use to counter your hogrider
  6. Skeletons – With the recent buff I couldn’t resist using the skeletons and they provide a fast cycle and high versatility, they can also be used to pigpush and distract a ton of troops
  7. Zap – Versatile spell to pair with the hog, it doesn’t oneshot equal level goblins but who cares? I like zap more than log with hog decks and because I don’t use fireball zap is important to have in this deck
  8. Freeze  – A great clutch card that can really surprise your opponent and also helps you farm crowns really quickly. Play this card when you have an elixir advantage and preferably have minions behind the hog to take out defensive troops. Freeze is wonderful as a support card. One of my favorite tricks is to push for the 3 crown after I took one tower and my opponent has placed a troop on the opposite lane and I surprise my opponent with a freeze spell.

This is the Hog Freeze Deck Guys gameplan is very Simple just you have to cycle your Hog And Elite barbarians in Offence most of the time i play my hog+Ice Spirit in one lane and Elite Barbarians in other lane that  gives me very huge damage on both Tower  adn If my my opponent counter my hog push with Minions Horde.Minions or Skarmy i simple zap them This is very good Hog Freeze Deck to collect Crowns for clan chest 

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I strongly suggest trying this Hog Freeze Deck – It’s fun to play, easy to use All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.