Hog Elite Barbarians Freeze Deck

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Hi Guys PSU Mike here and today I decided to write this up on how I use my Hog Elite Barbarians Freeze Deck which has gotten me as high as 4480 as of last night. I’ve found this to be very useful and potent in the current meta against all kinds of decks. I was destroyed by this deck a few weeks back and decided to give it a shot. I was in the 3800s then and now I’m consistently above 4200. I use it in both ladder and challenge play but find more success in ladder play with it.You will always see this Deck in TV Royal Because Top 200 players are using this deck so come and take a look at this Hog Elite Barbarians Freeze Deck guide

Hog Elite Barbarians Freeze Deck

Hog Elite Barbarians Freeze Deck Card Role:

  1. Hog: The hog is your primary win condition. I like to rush through the welcome screens at the start of a match and drop a hog as soon as possible if it’s in my starter cards. Sometimes you get lucky and they have a shit starter and you can deal good damage when you have the chance. I’ve found the true key to this deck is aggression and constant pressure/counter attacks. The hog fits this style perfectly.
  2. Meta Barbarians: Elite barbs are your primary tank killers and push stoppers generally allowing for a counterpush. Rushing with Elite Barbarians is Generally not a good idea early in the match .You really need to pick your spots and learn what their deck is before dropping them at the bridge to push with EBs.
  3. Musketeer: Musketeer is your primary defender. I usually like to start her right in front of my king tower to the side I’m defending. She’s great for picking off multiple units or helping tank-kill. Her range often keeps her healthy enough to counterpush as well. With very few exceptions, I never drop her at the bridge. She’s better used on defense.
  4. Meta Golem: Ice golem is a card I almost exclusively use on defense to kite units or used in conjunction with zap to swarm kill. I’ll get into this more but I’ve found that it’s much better to be used on your side of the map than theirs.
  5. Minions: Minions are used in support of everything. Can be used to help push or to defend. But, I use them sparingly early on until I see if the opponent is using a graveyard deck or not. Never use them to kill an ice golem and try to avoid using them on a golem as the death nova will either kill them outright or make them zappable (ice golem/hog push as a prime example).
  6. Meta Zap: Zap is for goblin barrels, minion hordes if I don’t have a fireball available, skelly army, or lava pups. It’s a great all around card on both offense and defense and provides great value at 2 elixir.
  7. Ice spirit I use almost exclusively with the hog on offense or with minions/musketeer on defense to give you an extra second to help kill a push. Again, great value card. Hog Elite Barbarians Freeze Deck
  8. Fire Ball: Fireball is your push stopper, positive elixir trade card, and your tower finisher. Of all the cards in this deck, I use this the least frequently. Always fireball barbs, MMM (+zap), and minion horde. Beware of bombing elixir collectors because it’s often used to bait the fireball for a MMM push. Learn what the deck is before employing this strategy. You can easily get caught with your pants down and give up an easy tower as a result.

How I play this Hog Elite Barbarians Freeze Deck offensively and card combos

My optimal 4 card starter hand would be hog, ice spirit, zap, and ice golem with a musketeer on deck. If you have a hog, push immediately. If not, cycle and play defense as best as you can. I like to hog/ice spirit push which allows me to zap minions/horde, skeleton army, and others out of the gate. This should be your primary source of offense and aggression.

  1. If they are consistently dropping EBs, minion horde, or barbs in front of the tower, I’ll drop a predictive fireball later in matches. This will buy your hog an extra hit and deal a bunch of damage to the tower. If I know they are short on elixir or don’t have a good counter, Hog Elite Barbarians Freeze Deck
  2. I’ll rush with EBs but this should only be done after a cycle or 2 once you know their deck. EBs are easily countered at a positive elixir trade which can set up counter pushes on their end. Be careful of this. Every other card is used as support or defense primarily.

How to handle different decks from this Hog Elite Barbarians Freeze Deck

For golem, giant, and RG, or any of these in conjunction with a sparky, I like to drop the ice golem near the bridge off to the side by a square or 3 to tank support units, then drop the elite barbs right on the tank for a quick kill. This usually allows for a counterpush and forces the opponent to use a lot of elixir to defend. If the sparky is in play, the ice golem will tank one shot. You need to use zap to bide some time on the tank kill so your elite barbs can handle both. Fireball support troops like witch, mega minion, musketeer, minions, etc. when needed.


  1. If they counter any push with elite barbs or rush EBs, use your ice golem to kite them to the other side while dropping either minions or a musketeer to finish them off. If you are pushing opposite lanes, do not kite but still put the ice golem in the center. This can often set up a nice counterpush with your own elite barbs essentially forcing your opponent’s hand. Hog Elite Barbarians Freeze Deck
  2. Zap bait decks are the only time I prefer to use an ice golem/hog push because they will always have minion horde and skelley army. Don’t be scared to zap the skelly army and save minions for the gob barrel if you need to. It’s not optimal but it can be used in a pinch if you think it will help you do a lot of damage to the tower. It is usually preferable to use the zap on gob barrels though. If they have an inferno, then your primary win condition shifts to elite barbs as the inferno will shut down your hog and you’ll still need zap on the gob barrel. Zap bait with an inferno is one of the hardest decks for this deck to deal with.
  3. Bowler/graveyard is always tough but usually a win. The bowler is always dropped in the back. When I see this, I try to cycle so that my hand is minions, fireball, musketeer, and ice golem. Drop the ice golem in the center one square over to the side they are pushing then drop musketeer or ebs on the bowler (musketeer in the back obviously in front of the king tower). Then wait until the graveyard is dropped to use your minions. If they have freeze or arrows, use your zap when they get a few skellys on the map.
  4. Hog pushes are tricky. You can use EBs to kill/counter or you can use a bare musketeer if you can afford some damage. Learn what support they use with the hog and plan for repeat attacks. If it’s an ice spirit, you can wait until the ice spirit hits the tower then drop minions or just drop EBs on the hog for a quick take out.

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I think this covers it. Be aggressive with the hog and learn how to counterattack and this Hog Elite Barbarians Freeze Deck provides a great deal of versatility and firepower to handle most any situation.