Hog Elite Barbarians Dart Goblin Deck

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Hi Guys Kissmeclsureyes here and today i am going to show you Hog Elite Barbarians Dart Goblins Deck which consist Meta cards Like Elite Barbarians Ice Golem Meta Minions and Log Including Hogs This Deck is working well for me arena 10 So this Deck was suggested by a clanmate who copied it from Orange Juice Video it’s a fairly popular deck Right now and shows up on TV royale quite often.so come take a look this Hog Elite Barbarians Dart Goblin Deck Guide

Hog Elite Barbarians Dart Goblin Deck

Hog Elite Barbarians Dart Goblin Deck Card Role:

  • Hog Rider:

The main win condition of the deck besides the Elite barbarians, You’ll have to do Hog Ice golem pushes and Hog Elite Barbarians pushes to get the main damage done. The Hog Rider could also attract a few troops towards it, deterring them away from your tower for a little while Sometime i drop my dart goblin at the bridge if  my opponent first play furnace or tombstone then make small push with hog+ice spirit and pig Push with skeletons


  • Elite Barbarians:

The good thing about Elite Barbarians is that they are a hybrid card, It means they are first used as a defensive card, for example if your opponent drops an RG, you’ll drop the elite barbaarians to kill the Royal Giant and translate that defense into a counter-push with Hogs Rider as an offensive card.

  •  Mega Minion:

Its is a really good defensive/offensive card. Pressures the opponent to counter it or soak up hundreds of damage. Paired well with miner or ice golem in the deck, also good at killing tankier troops. Has a smaller amount of health so it needs a mini tank infront of it, also has a slow attack speed so isn’t a great defense against graveyards, minions hordes, or skeleton armies.

  • Ice Golem :

This card is an absolute BEAST. I try to save it for an ice golem + balloon push. There are a few cases where I use it on defense. One is against zap bait decks to counter their skarmy or to counter the opponents minions/horde when paired with zap If You don’t have Log. It’s extremely useful to kite as well.

  • Dart Goblin:

Dart Goblin has an insane attack range,Dart Goblin is really good  fast ship cycle deck pairing with an ice spirit and he’ll be able to deal a thousand damage to the tower it’s an absolutely devastating combo Take a look at here Dart Goblin + Ice Golem is going to be one of the best combos to deal with Elite Barbarians. Use Ice Golem to kite Elite Barbarians to the opposite lane while your Dart Goblin is hitting them hardly in front of the King’s Tower Take a look at here Calculating his stats, it can 2 shot Minions (that are) 1 level below it And a Lvl 9 Dart Goblin can kill a Lvl 1 Princess in 2 hits With his fast attack speed, he can demolish Skeleton Army with the help of arena tower 

  • Log :

This spell is great for siege decks, despite my ladder deck using zap because it is a common. It can hit the tower more often than zap, which is great, and arrows are not so versatile. Use it vs princesses and to defend your mortar from cheap troops like skarmy. Whenever you can, use it near the bridge to hit the tower as well

  • Ice Spirit :

It’s a cycle card that also works on both offense and defense. THis work great behind the giant. Giving your support troops enough time to react to their defending troops, and continue to take down the tower. Check here Full Guide

  • Skeletons:

These are one of the most versatile cards in game. This card makes your deck more dynamic and they have one of the best cost to damage ratios I use this card For Pig Push  which is Allow to my hog bypass the building

Hog Elite Barbarians Dart Goblin Deck Gameplan:

This is a very fast hog cycle deck with skeletons and Ice spirits this deck has very low 2.8 Average elixir cost so that’s means you can easly cycle back to your Hog+Ice Spirit Combo,Hog+Ice Golem Combo,Elite Barbarians+Ice Spirit Combo,Elite Barbarians+Ice Golem Combo and Pig Push with Hog+Skeletons Combo

I use Dart Goblin to take out your opponent Defensive Building and You know very well Log has huge capability to take out Princess and many ground spawn troops ans well he knock back some big tank 

The ice spirit can be an extremely deadly card when paired with the hog rider. But did you know that it also pairs very well with the dart goblin? Take a look here Placing the ice spirit in front of the aggressive dart goblin allows the Dart Goblin to attack the tower safely without retaliation. This can be a safe bet for a quick push that can keep your opponent on edge.

Hog Elite Barbarians Dart Goblin Deck Offensive Combo:

  1. Hog+Ice Spirit Combo
  2. Hog+Ice Golem Combo
  3. Elite Barbarians+Ice Spirit Combo
  4. Elite Barbarians+Ice Golem Combo
  5. Pig Push With Skeletons

I strongly suggest trying this Hog Elite Barbarians Dart Goblin Deck out – It’s fun to play, easy to use and one of your best Which will help you to Increase your Throphies

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Thanks for reading this Hog Elite Barbarians Dart Goblin Deck Guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.