hog cycle deck

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Hog Cycle deck Hello Clashers, A Hog bomb tower deck without Legendaries or Epics that you can use starting in arena 5! It has helped me stay competitive in both tournaments and in the Legendary Arena with level 10 commons and 7 rares. This deck was built to counter the most common cards in the meta right now, which is why it works so well Hog Cycle deck

Hog Cycle deck

Hog Cycle deck Card Breakdown:

Hog Rider – The Hog Rider is your primary win condition. You want to cycle the Hog to the point where you can Rocket the enemy tower. Yes, this is a regular Hog Cycle deck with the support of the super defensive Bomb Tower and The beauty of this deck is the fact that you can cycle back to the Hog Rider using Zap, Goblins, Fire Spirits, and a defensive Mini P.E.K.K.A even with a hand that has the Bomb Tower, Rocket, and Minions. Hog Cycle deck



Bomb Tower – When I started working on this deck, this was the first card I chose. This is because it does so well at defending against the popular win conditions right now: Giant Poison, Hog Cycle, Royal Giant, Golem, and the P.E.K.K.A. With the exception of the Hog Cycle deck, these decks all utilize a tank backed up by other troops. The Bomb Tower can damage both the tank and the other troops and as far as defensive towers go, the Bomb Tower has the most HP which means that it can clear most tanks by themselves Hog Cycle deck


Fire Spirits – The Fire Spirits were the last cards that I picked when constructing this deck. They fill so many roles and should be used differently depending on your opponent’s deck. If your opponent has a lot of air, you should use the Fire Spirits defensively on the Minions, Minion Horde, and on Lava Pups. Hog Cycle deck  Read More about How to use Fire Spirit


Mini P.E.K.K.A – The Mini P.E.K.K.A is a fantastic counter to a lot of cards used right now, like the Miner, a lone Giant or Royal Giant, and other Mini P.E.K.K.As. You should try to use the Mini P.E.K.K.A defensively and then pair him with the fire spirits as he’s about to cross the bridge Hog Cycle deck

Minions – I chose the Minions to fill multiple roles in this deck. They help cover the weakness of the Bomb Tower and they are also excellent at defending if your opponent doesn’t have a good answer to air. When facing the Hog Trifecta deck


Zap – The Zap is a powerful tool in a lot of decks right now. Because a lot of decks have Minions or the Minion Horde, I thought about going with the Arrows instead, but Zap synergies with the Hog Cycle much nicer than the Arrows do Hog Cycle deck  


Goblins – These little guys are one of my favorite units to use. They are perfect for pulling off Hog Pushes, they do a lot of damage and can quickly clear the Miner, Princess, Ice Wizard, Musketeer, and even a distracted Wizard. Hog Cycle deck


This Hog Cycle deck  does not rely on overpowered cards to win. Rather, it uses synergy and the element of surprise to win. Because of this, the deck has a high learning curve so you should definitely give the Hog Cycle deck a lot of practice. This is to your advantage because as you get better at the deck, you will play in a way that is very uncommon in the meta which will help you beat the meta. Hog Cycle deck

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