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Hi Guys wafflep357 here and This Hog Cycle Deck 2017 works on ladder and is very well rounded. Its also a very good challenge deck too I pushed from about 3300 trophies straight to Legendary Arena The Average Elixir Cost of this deck is 2.8, so ita a very fast cycle. This deck has 2  spells So come and take a look at this Hog Cycle Deck 2017 guide

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Hog Cycle Deck 2017

Hog Cycle Deck 2017 Card Roles:

Hog: the hog is the main win condition. Don’t do just a naked hog, put an ice spirit or skeletons behind, or put a knight in front of it, or just hold a fireball or zap over the hog in case they put like barbs or cheap troops.


Knight: the knight is the main tank in the deck. this card is very useful on defense and on offense if you put a hog behind it. This gives you so much value against support troop like a musketeer since the knight is three and the musketeer is four you will get +1 elixir for that but if you keep doing that then you might get a huge elixir. If your knight still has health then go for a counter push.

Musketeer: Musketeer is the main defense card to air. You always want to play your musketeer in smart places to not give them spell value. Try to space out your musketeer from your cannon/inferno so they can’t get a ton of value with a lighting. If your Musketeer has health from defense put a hog in front of it and maybe an ice spirit.

Cannon/Inferno: Cannon is very good against hog decks and can give you elixir leads, Inferno gives them 1 elixir if they play a naked hog, but Inferno gives you good value in double elixir . Cannon is alright against Big tank decks if they have lighting make sure to space your Musketeer and cannon part, Inferno is good against tanks but if they have to light it can give them so much value also try to space it out, it can be more difficult though. Both cards are good it just depends on what decks you are playing a lot of. If you play a lot of hog decks and three musketeer is where it is.

Zap/log: Zap is very good synergies with rocket or fireball, log synergies with fireball or rocket but if you play rocket log it might be a little harder to defend air. Zap is good against air troops and good at resetting targets. The log is good at pushing back everything that is why hog log is a combiatnion and sometimes works if they dont have a defense. If you are playing a lot air skeleton army minions Inferno then zap is where it’s at. If you are playing a lot of goblin barrel princess goblin gang goblins or hog to push it back then the log is where it’s at.

Fireball/Rocket: Fireball is very good against three muskies, barbs, Musketeer behind the tower, It’s a very good overall around the card. Rocket is very good against the pump, support troops behind the tower(even though you might be losing elixir doing this its okay because this deck is so fast and cheap. Rocket is also very good at chipping down the tower in double elixir if you can not get a hog to the tower. If you play a lot of minions, three muskies, barbs then fireball is for you.If you play against a lot of big heavy pump decks, xbow, or just decks that clump together alot of cards then the rocket is for you.

Skeleton: Skeletons are a cycling card and are also very good at defending cards like a knight, Musketeer, mini Pekka, ewiz.It’s also a very good card you can kite with.

Ice spirit: Ice spirit is a cycling card, it’s very good at resetting targets, it’s also very good when in combo with skeletons. It can defend alot of support cards.

Try not to over commit just because your deck is fast and cheap your opponent can still get an elixir. Try not to get overwhelmed with lots of troops.

Try to pressure the other lane with hog if they play a tank. Space your cards out on defense. If you can’t get a hog through you can rocket cycle the tower in double elixir just be smart about it because they might build up a huge push.

How to defend most archetypes:

Hog Cycle Deck 2017 Against Lavaloon

Inferno/Cannon and Musketeer is the answer but I will talk about the cannon. Cycle muskteers and also play the cannon very far over and high up(not too far that the lavahound goes right past it). Rocket zap comes in handy if they get to play a balloon behind it any maybe minions just rocket and zap that should take care off all that except the lava hound will still be alive just play muskie to kill that. If you do not have a rocket and you have fireball try to cycle muskies and ice spirit then fireball when you kill the lavahound. Dont let them get a big push try to prusher them in the other lane with like a hog knight because they will have to choose between taking a tower or trying to defend with a couple elixer, then just play muskie to kill lavahound.

Hog try not to let them out cycle you to the point where you dont have your cannon and they play a hog. If you have inferno try not to play it before double elixir unless they put a mini tank in front of it. Play your cannon or Inferno spaced out so they don’t get spell value.

Three muskies try to rocket and fireball pump then just cycle right back to it so they play it in the back then you can rocket or fireball the two muskies. If they then play a tank in fron of the two muskies that have like no health then log or zap them then on the other muskteer play knight.

xbow /mortar try to play knight tanking then musketeer and maybe a fireball but if your playing rocket play rocket. Dont let them out cycle or get a huge elixir lead. If you need to play hog on the xbow to stop damage. To defend against mortar play knight in the other lane so that the mortar is tanking shots at the knight in the other lane, then play musketeer at the bridge.

Golem Try to rocket or fireball the pump. Play an inferno or cannon high far away and play a muskteer far away so they can not get good lighting. If you need to play a muskteer behind the golem so that all the support troops lock on to that.

Mega knight try to play knight on the mega knight the play a muskteer spaced away. If you dont have your muskteer in your hand play a cannon.

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Thanks for reading this Clash Royale Hog Cycle Deck 2017 guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome Pls Tell me in comment box If i Missed somthing Also Check Out Here Clash Royale Trophy Pushing Tips