Hog Clone Spell Deck

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Hi Guys What’s app Hyp3rion.akki here and today i am going to show you Hog Clone Deck Which took me to 4000+ trophies And I am in “Hell” Clan i Used This Hog Clone Spell Deck when i was at 37400 Trophies and after playing some match this deck has become one of my favourite Hog Clone Spell Deck and if i talk about challenges I have played about 3 Grand Challenges and usually place somewhere around 7-10 wins.My best challenge series was 12-1.By the way, I’m not F2P. I only bought 1700 gems 3 times, but well, I had to say it, but i don’t think that this gives me any type of advantage against my enemy. So Let’s Take a look at this Hog Clone Spell Deck guide

Hog Clone Spell Deck

Hog Clone Spell Deck Card Role :

Hog Rider – The main win condition of the deck,the hog rider is a pretty easy card to understand,You want to pig push with the hog With the ice spirit, you just play the ice spirit and hog in the highest left/ride corner tile, playing ice spirit before the hog rider. You can also pig push with the Archers believe it or not.I Usually Play Hog Alone + Clone Spell or Hog+Archers+Clone Spell These are my Main Combo and If I Countered My opponent push and my mini pekka or mega minions has several health remain after counter his Push then i drop my hog which becomes tank for my mini pekka and mega minion

Mega Minion – The main damage dealer of this deck, I used mainly as a defensive card turned offensive ( runner ).Great for killing ground units and small troops your opponent might use to kill your hog. Its ability to one shot minions and lavapups make it really good against lavahound in defence.As a defensive troop, Mega can be used against Goblin Barrel, Hog Rider, Miner and many more medium HP units.


Clone Spell: Cloned Spell only decreases the HPs of the cloned troops, that’s mean we need to duplicate the troops that deal good damage so keep in mind if you opponent dose not have zap or arrow in his rotation then use clone other wise he will always counter cloned troops with his zap or arrowClone spell is so exciting to play it offensively until everyone forgets about its abilities in defense. There are a lot of possibilities in defense. You may clone your defenders to stop a strong push and translate into counter attacks later. Besides, it’s much reliable than using it in an offense. No need to practice, no need to aim for the best timing.

                 *For More Details Take a look here ⇒ This Guide

Archers: This is Meta card right now you will get one of the best support cards at the moment for Hog Roder.When I play Archers on offense I usually place the at  bank and then place the Archers down once it is about to reach the bridge.These have been featuring very heavily in the meta recently, and have taken their place for the first time as the most popular support units. The Archers are very powerful in terms of damage, and can do around 100 damage per arrow fired Archers are so good on defense. While Archers are defending, the only card which can kill them for an effective trade is the Fireball. In the current meta game, they are extremely useful against decks using Lightning.

The Musketeer: It is one of the best cards in the game for transitioning from defense into offense. It’s combination of range and DPS gives it unique abilities and interactions that allow for some mind bending positive elixir trades and combinations when paired with the Ice Spirit. All of this makes it the current ranged attacker in high-level gameplay. I have compiled some unique uses of the Musketeer and the Ice Spirit on defense that can net huge elixir positive trades as well as allowing you to counter attack. Additionally, her range allows her to shoot from one lane into another, allowing you to defend one lane, then push the other.

       *Thanks to  usc1313 For This ⇒ Guide Advanced Musketeer Tech ft. Ice Spirit Guide

Mini P.E.K.K.A: Mini P.E.K.K.A is a must in order to deal with Hog Rider, Royal Giant, Golem, Giant… She is also excellent at dealing with Miner and Bowler.She can easily deal tons of damage to the unprotected Tower. Anyway, in this deck, I usually use her on defense and Sometime use mini Push Mini pekka+Ice Spirit in Offence and In heavy Push It can be used offensively with the hog and when i countered opponent Push I use Mini Pekka+Clone Spell If I don’t have Ice Spirit In my Hand 

Ice Spirit – This card is used countless ways in this deck.For 1 elixir, this card is OP, the ice spirits role in this deck is similar to the Zap. Good combo with the Hog Rider because if you’re opponent doesn’t have a defense, the hog will at least get a one hit or Two Hit and If you combine this card with Mini Pekka you can counter any Push and It can also be used to cycle your deck if you need to get to your next card 

Zap: Best spell in the game hands down. Need this card in every deck IMO. Reset Sparkys and Infernos. Zap those goblins or cannon to allow your hog to sneak through and get an extra hit. Combined with Mini P.E.K.K.A you can take out equal level barbarians! Use defensively against Minion

Hog Clone Spell Deck on Attack

  1. Pig push with an Ice Spirit (first drop the IS and then the hog in the same tile, in the top-right or top-left If your opponent dose not response then immediately Use clone spell )
  2. Hog + Ice Spirit + Mega Minion(you can even add a mini pekka Instead Of Mega Minion) 
  3. Be creative, you can do a push with almost everything in this deck. 
  4. Clone will be your defenders to stop a strong push and translate into counter attacks later.

Hog Clone Spell Deck on Defense

  1. If your opponent hasn’t got a fireball or poison, musketeers is Amazing for defense. Then you can use them in a counter push
  2. You should use an Ice spitrit+Minipekka if your tower’s HP is low. It will be good against Royal Giant/Giant/Hog and Other tanks 
  3. Archers to kill the support troops (wizard and gobs behind a giant, for example)
  4. You can also use a Mega minion to defend a hog, but you will receive a One hits On tower If don’t use the Ice Spirit 
  5. Archers Will be good against Skarmy Graveyard Minions And Mega Minion

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Once Again Thanks for reading this Hog Clone Spell Deck ! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.