Hog Cheap deck

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Hey all Incronaut here today we are talking about  Hog Cheap deck  this deck isn’t anything crazy or meta changing, but it has gotten me to my personal best so far (3276 and still climbing) with a 10/7/x/1 as a level 10. The best part of this Hog Cheap deck is that it is very well rounded and very very accessible (besides the ice wizard). It is fast paced and really fun to play (and even defend with!) So without further ado, I present to you the deck: Hog Cheap deck

Hog Cheap deck

                                                       Hog Cheap Deck  Average Elixir cost: 3.0


Overall: This Hog Cheap deck plays similarly to the other popular Hog Cheap deck (hog, ice spirit, EC, poison, skele, princess, zap, mini pekka), except this one is more defensive minded and to go in with a strong counter push if hog rushing doesn’t work.

I haven’t tried this deck in challenges yet, and but so far in the ladder I’m loving it. I’ve faced some level 11 decks with success, but also some lower level decks, so I’m unsure how this will fare in challenges since having level 10 commons is strong and

this deck comprises of mostly commons, but I think it’ll still do well (with the meta though [grr 3M], I doubt 12 wins well but who knows!). Hog Cheap deck

Opener: For an opening hand, you have three options: Hog Cheap deck

  1. Hog + Ice spirit. Usually if I see that I have hog + ice spirit in my opening 5 cards (make sure you have both!) then I’ll usually just jump right in with it and watch to see how they counter the hog for later strategy. Sometimes you get some pretty big hits in if they don’t defend, but then you know they’re going to have some sort of slow push deck coming. Hog Cheap deck
  2. Elixir Collector. Easy choice if you have this in your opening hand. Generally if I have this AND hog+ice spirit, I’ll still go for the #1 combo but if you want to play safer you can put the pump down.
  3. Don’t have #1 or #2: Here I’ll put down one of my defenders of knight, archers, or ice wiz. Between the 3, I’ll prioritize putting down archers cause they can be split, ice wizard for the slow, and then the knight since he’s extremely valuable for most pushes (they all are, but without the knight, some pushes can get dicey).

Hog Cheap Deck Strengths:

  1. Royal Giant. Generally RG decks get shutdown so hard from cannon, ice wiz, and knight or archers, and then the counter pump/push is too much to handle in the long run without gaining much dividends at all from the offense. 6 elixir is a huge sacrifice against this deck and it shows. Have beaten many higher level RG decks. Hog Cheap deck
  2. Air. Archers are rarer to see these days, but they destroy lava hounds, balloons, and the like. Ice spirit and zap and ice wizard takes care of all forms of minions as well. I usually am relieved when I see an air deck. Don’t forget, this deck cycles fast, so you generally can hog counter AND defend against lava hound. Hog Cheap deck

Hog Cheap Deck Weaknesses:

  1. High cost spells: I would say the worst of these is poison since the archers get demolished and the other cards attack slower. Lightning can hit for some serious value as well, but usually the 6 elixir cost will have hit them pretty hard as well and this deck can recover faster usually.
  2. Three Musketeers: I have stopped some 3M decks before, but generally they pose a pretty big problem. My best solution is usually knight to tank, ice spirit to stall, and cannon/archers to deal the damage. I focus them pretty hard when they’re all together. If they split, ice spirit or archers can handle the 1 musketeer, and all other resources can fight the other 2. I have had problems when they support the 1 musketeer and the 2 are left alone, but a knight can stop 2 and ice spirit can sometimes stall enough. Archers are a bad choice in that situation.

Hog Cheap deck Ties:

  1. Trifecta. This Hog Cheap deck is strong for obvious reasons, and the poison makes it a tough fight, but with smart elixir placement and good cycling, I’ve either won or tied. Usually I’ll place pump on the opposite lane to waste their poison. They’ll be up on elixir since they have pump too, but with cheaper cards, you’ll get elixir advantages and hog can definitely go in and slowly chip at them Hog Cheap deck

Conclusion: I’ve played some friends in tourney level games and the deck still is incredibly strong, but again that’s just anecdotal.

I love this deck as it is a robust but quick deck with a simple strategy that still has a lot of room for creativity and counter play. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask

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This guide was mostly just for the sheer fun of this deck, but it has gotten me to an all time high, so hopefully it can for you too!