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Hey guys Aaqib Javed here, and today I’m going to show you my Hog Bats Deck since many other Hog Rider decks have been weakened due to Executioner Tornado Combo. This deck is strong, and  as a free to play player. This deck has pushed me to 3100+. It is hard to learn but powerful once you have mastered this deck. When I first started using it, I lost six fights in a row! I will show you how to use every card, how to use the deck and different deck match ups.

Hog Bats Deck Card Roles:

  1. Hog Rider: Main Win condition. this is the best win condition in the game. It is such a great card and learning how to play a hog cycle deck can be very useful as hog is always viable in the meta.He usually just gets at least 1-2 hits per push which is good because you can slowly chip down the opponent’s Tower
  2. Musketeer: Your main support and Anti Air Card in this Deck.Musketeer is your only effective support card on defense. It can be used on offense however almost always it will be from a counterpush. It Gives Great value card for 4 elixir. It can be used defensively and then turned into a counter push on offense with your trifecta. Also, with its range, can kill troops in the opposite lane and then help out your offensive push on the other lane.
  3. Zap: A great utility spell. Self-explanatory, you all know that it’s used on swarms, and to reset Sparky/Inferno Tower/Inferno Dragon.
  4. Bats: After  the recent bats buff peoples are using him and It is same as Skeletons you can summon 5 bats after the update. They have the same HP and damage as Skeletons but can fly we all know know how Bats Works Since Night witch swapns Bats and Their flying ability gives them a big advantage, as they would make for an excellent cheap distraction to the Inferno Tower. which also makes them an excellent Zap bait for only 2 Elixir Full Guide About Bats Here 
  5. Fireball– Originally this Deck used Poison to protect Sparky from swarm troops, however it was just too slow and a lot of low health troops ended up remaining and caused problems for me down the road.Use it on medium health troops(Wizard, Musketeer, E-wiz, etc.), and Minion Hordes in a pinch. Great Tower finisher. Replace with Poison(not recommended), Rocket, or any other splash damage troop.
  6. Goblin Gang – I still miss the 3rd Spear Goblin, however I still prefer Goblin Gang over Skeleton Army because Goblin Gang is a really great card. You can split it, apply pressure, bait out Logs and Zaps and defend with the high DPS.
  7. Knight He is my melee attacker of choice.Your defensive tank in this deck. It can kill glass canons, melee troops, swarms such as GobGang and Skeleton Army and so many other units.You can use him on offense as well, especially to counterpush with Hog Rider + Bats since he has got lot of HP he can survive Sparky Blast but also with high damage to kill her, he is the best card for dealing with enemy support cards right now
  8. Inferno Tower: The best defensive building currently IMO Or Anti Tank. It can be Use to kill hogs, giants, P.E.K.K.A.s, golems and hounds effectively. Just remember to keep protected from cheap troops use to distract. Also, try to place it far from river, near the cross-fire zone.

Hog Bats Deck General Gameplan:

We have completed everything about the cards lets proceed to the game plan well this is a fast moving Hog Cycle Deck which means that you will be doing Hog Pushes often throughout the game.This around chipping away at the enemy towers using small Hog Rider pushes.


Opening moves:

  1. Hogs + BAts at the bridge for chipping away at the enemy towers
  2. Knight in the back to build up a push or Ready for Defence
  3. Musketeer in back to build up a push.
  4. Goblin Gang at the bridge to bait out spells, troops, and/or chip damage.

Hog + Bats + Knight: Always Place Knight behind king Tower and letting it walk almost to the bridge before placing a Hog in front of Knight and Then Bats For Minions Or Swarm Troops

Hog + Musketeer + Zap): Mostly started by placing Musketeer behind king Tower and letting it walk almost to the bridge before placing a Hog in front. Zap facilitates easier pushes, but is not always required. You can also place both the bridge in response to your opponent placing a Golem.

Hog + Goblin Gang + Zap): Simple. You have drawn The Log/Zap bait. Now you rush the Tower. This is just in case you’re not certain whether they still have a splash damage spell that can take care of Goblin Barrel. Once again, Zap helps.

As it is a hog deck you don’t want to go too aggressive on the hog pushes. You don’t want to build up the Huge Pushes every time.

Always Try to make small pushes and chipping away at the enemy towers using small Hog Rider pushes. then once you’ve used the muskateer and/or Knight on defense,

You can counter push by playing the hog behind the Knight but in front of the muskateer to build the hog trifecta push.

However, all of the troops in this deck can be used effectively in small combos as well with the hog that can be deadly.

In Defence Golem decks are costly and rely heavily on pumps. So as long as you keep on destroying pumps and pressuring them on the other lane with Mini-pushes which can’t be ignored, you can easily win because the opponent can’t build up a strong push and the lone Golem will be killed by Inferno Tower easily And Same Thing Will bw happen against any Other Deck Such as Giant Executioner Deck or Lava Loon Deck 

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Thanks for reading this Guide and The Hog Bats Deck is Very unexpectable Cheap and fast Hybrid, can switch playstyle completely and working well in Current meta