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Hello guys Hyp3rion.Akki here and  today I am going to show you a  Hog Bandit Deck This deck got me from 273000 trophies straight to 3000 club. If you are pushing to Arena 11, this deck will definitely work for you as well. This deck is also working very well in Challenges, where you can practice a lot It is Extremely fun to play effective at lowAverage elixir cost so come and take a look at this Hog Bandit Deck  guide

Hog Bandit Deck

Hog Bandit Deck Card Role:

  1. Hog Rider: The main win condition of this deck of course. You want to make the pig push with Hog Rider using either Ice Spirit or alone Hog And If your opponent plays an expensive troop in the back, in the lane that you can attack in the other lane with Hog + Ice Spirit This push is very cheap and Reward is very good if your opponent  doesn’t counter This push properly. You can Also Play Hog With Bandit because bandit will Kill your opponent cards such as (musketeer,Ice wiz,Archers and Other cards)with her dash ability
  2. Bandit: Well this new  legendary card in side the game and there in not much to say about this card we all know she  has a fair amount of HP. She deals nice damage (single target). If she sees any target in the attack range, she will charge it immediately. While charging, she is unvulnerable, meaning she doesn’t take any damage (including splash) while charging.She is excellent at moving towards the Arena Tower to finish off and countering single troops 
  3. Ice Spirit: This freezing guy does a very good job by freezing troops and buildings by 1.5 secs and can be used in both Defense and Offense all for just 1 Elixir. It can take out a Mega Minion or Minions all by itself and reset charge attacks like Prince or Sparky. It also resets troops’ target. For example if a Royal Giant has locked onto your tower, you can play a Cannon and an Ice Spirit to reset the Royal Giant so it locks onto the Cannon.
  4. Musketeer: Your main support card. This deck is very reliant on the musketeer as it’s your only effective support card on defense. It can be used on offense however almost always it will be from a counterpush. The musketeer is your only effective support card in the deck so that’s why you must save the card for defense almost always. The musketeer is a card of placement so you also must know where to put the musketeer in certain defensive and offensive situations. Overall one of the most important cards in the deck.
  5. Zap: Zap is in the deck as it has great synergy with other cards in the deck and gives you a quick response to Skeleton Army and Goblin Barrel etc as well as resetting opponent Sparky or Inferno Tower.I prefer it over the Log as it provides a little extra air defence and I like the synergy for this particular deck better. I also prefer to play without legendaries because none of them really resonate with me.
  6. Ice Golem: This card is pretty good and because of it being a mini-tank it perfectly fits in this deck.You’re mainly going to use it with Hog Rider for pushing and for defending against low HP troops like Minions, Skeletons, etc. Ice Golem is also excellent at distracting and kiting troops. You can counter Elite Barbarians by kitting them and using the Musketeer to finish them off.
  7. Cannon: Your main Defense against tanks such as hog riders, giants, golems, etc. This card provides so much value for 3 elixir on defense and is one of the best defensive buildings in my opinion. If played correctly, it can stop anything.
  8. Fireball: The first of your two spells. This card is a beast on offense and defense! I chose fireball over poison because fireball provides you with that instant damage. It works so well at taking out many hog counters, sending in predictions, and taking out swarm units on defense. Can be replaced with poison.

Hog Bandit Deck General Gameplan:

Your general gameplan in this Hog Bandit Deck is Same as 2.6 Hog Log Deck (Check Out here)Just to be cycling numerous hog pushes throughout the game. The aim of this Hog Bandit Deck is to use your hog and your cheap cycling cards to out cycle your opponent’s defense.

On offense  keep on cycling through your cards and out-cycle your opponent. You have many options to push with in this deck.


  1. You can use the Hog+ Ice Golem combo for decent push or the Hog + Ice Spirit both of these pushes are really effective in the current meta.
  2. Sometimes you can Play Bandit at bridge and she will gives you 500+ damage if she connects the towe

In First Minutes of Game you need to know What’s your opponent’s counter to your pushes in the early stages of the game.

If you know your opponent uses a Tombstone to counter your Hog play a prediction Log to take out both the Tombstone and the Skeletons that pop out(this is effective only when the Tombstone is close to half health or at half health.)


Hog Bandit Deck Offensive Combos:

  1. Ice Golem+Hog Rider (or Hog Rider+Ice Spirit) 
  2. Ice Golem+Bandit (or Bandit+ Ice Spirit) .
  3. Ice Golem+Musketeer 
  4. Hog+Musketeer+Ice Spirit 
  5. Hog+Bandit

Hog Bandit Deck Defense:

On defense, you’re going to cycle through your cards and defend against a push as this deck’s average elixir cost very low so its really easy to cycle through you cards.

Royal Giants can be easily taken down by Cannon+Ice spirit Combo if not backed up by any other troops Such as Musketeer ot bandit

Against hog riders decks, a simple 4-2 plant to defend against the hog is normally what I’ll do. If I know my opponent has the fireball, I’ll try to change up my cannon placements so that they can’t get a valuable fireball hitting my cannon and tower. I may do a 2-2 plant or 3-3 plant. Don’t let them out cycle your cannon, use your cheap cycling cards to cycle back to it. In this matchup it’s key to stay on an elixir advantage and make your opponent play on your rotation of cycling constant hog attacks by making positive elixir trades and applying lots of pressure.


Hog Bandit Deck Combos:

  1. Ice Golem+Elite Barbarians –  Use this combo to counter Royal Giant and Giant Combos.
  2. Ice Golem+Dart Goblin – Use this combos to counter Elite Barbarians.
  3. Mega Minion+Dart Goblin – Use this combos to counter Lava Hound Combos.

I strongly suggest trying this Hog Bandit Deck – It’s fun to play, easy to use All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome