Hog Arena 5 deck

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Free 2 Play Hog Arena 5 Deck

Hi Guy This is an  Hog Arena 5 deck that brought me from 1100 trophies all the way up to 1900. All cards in this deck will be attained by Arena 5, but I have used this deck since Arena 4 after I unlocked the Hog with Poison+Zap i am using this Hog Arena 5 deck

Note: This account is completely F2P, I completely focused on these specific cards since the start of the game and therefore I have a huge amount of gold for where I am (spent only on upgrades and buying poisons from the shop). Hog Arena 5 deck

Hog Arena 5 deck

Hog Arena 5 deck Card Role:

Hog Rider: Your win condition. All your pushes should base around the hog, whether a pig push, a trifecta, or combined (especially in double-elixir time).


Pros: Creates an immediate threat to the enemy, extremely deadly when opponent is out of elixir. A low risk low reward card. When YOUR hog is left alone, it might very well take a tower out alone (This is not the case for some of us, who’s hog is extremely under-leveled. Also, most safe-counters (Barbs, MP, Buildings) cost either the same or more elixir than the hog with the exception of the cannon.

Cons: Easily counterable by buildings such as cannon, tesla, or inferno. Counterable by horde units if not supported. *Keep this in mind for later Hog Arena 5 deck

Valkyrie: Your push slayer. This card can be used both offensively as a Mini-Tank and defensively. Chief Pat says that it’s a great starting card to put behind your tower. However, in my opinion if you are underleveled, save your Valk for when your opponent does a push, use her to kill the troops supporting the tank. Place in front of hog to use offensively. Hog Arena 5 deck

Pros: Easily deals with hordes such as small units, barbarians and also support units like the bomber, wizard, witch, musketeer.

Cons: Weak to air units, and unfavorable against other Mini-Tanks (Dies to MP, Survive against Knight but dies to tower and is a negative elixir trade) and Offensive/Threat Cards (Prince, P.E.K.K.A), etc.

Musketeer: Your support and sniper, clearer of the skies. Can be used to support in killing pushes, kill Mini-Tanks, snipe Airborne Threats (Balloon, Lava?) and destroy buildings when pushing with the Hog.

Pros: Highest single-target air DPS troop. As a support unit costs less than others (Wizard, Witch) but wins against them in a duel. Outranges the cannon. Hog Arena 5 deck

Cons: Lower level musk dies to fireball, hard time dealing with hordes.

Goblins and Spear Goblins: Your distractor. Distracts threats such as the Prince, P.E.K.K.A, MP. Also deals with mini-tanks except valk on your side of the map for a positive elixir trade. Hog Arena 5 deck

Pros: Cheap, fast, ez cycle. Actually does damage if reaches tower.

Cons: AoE shreds gobs.

Cannon: Your building. Use to attract troops that target buildings, add in Valk to kill supporting units and Musk/Gobs to kill the tank. Hog Arena 5 deck

Pros: Cheap, Positive Elixir-Trade against Hog. Can pull units when placed in the correct spots (Watch OJ)

Cons: Easily dealt with. Musketeer, gobs or even minions behind a hog can shred it like butter. Also weak to air.

Poison: Holy spell number 1. DoT kills small units/hordes, slows them enemy attacks and even elixir pump. Use preemptively to support hog rider. Hog Arena 5 deck

Pros: DoT, Slow Effect, Slaughters hordes. Aid in dealing with support units, slowly killing buildings, negate elixir pump.

Cons: Does not directly kill anything, opposing troop might not be standing in the radius for too long and its full effect isn’t handed upon your enemy.

Zap: Holy spell number 2. Stun and Chips for just 2 Elixir.

Pros: Cheap spell to stun Sparky, retarget enemy units, chip down hordes. Hog Arena 5 deck

Cons: Need to be same level as enemy gobs to kill them. Enemy puts down Minion Horde You zap, they send out Miner, the Miner (pls SC nerf). Hog Arena 5 deck

How To Play: Play reactive. Wait for your opponent’s first move, counter it. Ex: Enemy send hog+gobs, use cannon+zap = +1 elixir trade, etc). If the opponent does not act after 2 seconds, don’t waste elixir and deploy. Your most favorable starting card is the Musketeer, place her at the back of your King Tower. If she’s not in the starting rotation do a pig push with the hog.

If none of these are in rotation, use gobs to cycle. Here’s a thing, try not the start with valk, because if the enemy kills her and then pushes, you might lose a tower. But if you feel confident/want to gamble, feel free to do so. Your pushes are either a pig push +poison/zap, or a trifecta. Most Ideal Push = Valk up front, hog behind her, musk behind him, poison the area = Tower down.

Thanks for reading This Hog Arena 5 deck Any feedback is appreciated, as this is my very first Guide:D I think.