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Hi guys Hyp3rion.Akki here and Today I am Going to talk about Clash Royale Heal Spell Guide Which is a new Rare Card  inside the clash royale The Heal Spell will be unlocked from Hog Mountain (Arena 10).At tournament standards, this card heals 176 HP each second for 3 seconds.So come check out this Clash Royale Heal Spell Guide Post

Heal Spell Guide

“Heal your troops to keep them in the fight! Friendly troops are healed over time while in the target area. Doesn’t affect buildings.”

Clash Royale Heal Spell Guide

  • The Heal is unlocked from Arena 10 (Hog’s Mountain).
  • It costs 3 Elixir to deploy.
  • At tournament standards, this card heals 176 HP each second for 3 seconds.
  • Its name describes everything. It is used to heals friendly troops. It can’t heal buildings.
  • It is a Rare Card

Heal Spell Stats:

Cost Radius Duration Type Rarity
3 3 3 sec Spell Rare



Level Healing/Sec
1 100
2 110
3 121
4 133
5 146
6 160
7 176
8 193
9 212
10 233


Heal Spell Interactions

Against the Poison Spell, the Heal Spell fends it off in the short term, since the heal is higher than poison damage per second (for troops). However, Poison wins in the long run, as it still does more damage than the Heal’s healing.

What you can do in that situation is use Heal when Poison duration is almost over, as you only face a little Poison chip damage, and your troops will heal more than the chip damage it suffered.

For example, if someone places Poison against your Three Muskets, you can heal them for extra lifetime and damage, making the opponent react with another troop or spell.


Heal Spell Complementary Cards

Talking about synergies, this card will be able to complement glass cannons the best, especially if they were somewhat damaged with a spell or troop. This would negate the instant damage spell and create positive elixir trades, e.g. Fireball on 3 Musketeers. However, using it on skeletons is obviously a big no no, because they die very easily to almost everything. Here are some uses for heal spell, including the ones stated above with some exceptions. Positive Elixir Trade will be rewritten as PET and every card interaction is at tournament standard.

  1. Heal + Musketeers/3 Musketeers against Fireball/Poison: PET (to counter Poison, this requires precise timing, when the Musketeers are half health)
  2. Heal + Skeletons/Ice Golem: Not exactly recommended, but can help fend off Lava Pups/other troops for a little longer in defense or close to end of match.
  3. Heal + Knight / Bomber / Barbarians / Minion Horde / Elite Barbarians / Goblin Gang / Mini P.E.K.K.A / Valkyrie / Hog Rider / Wizard / Battle Ram / Mega Minion / Prince / Giant Skeleton / Balloon / P.E.K.K.A / Bowler / Executioner / Inferno Dragon / Lava Pups from Lava Hound / Ice Wizard / Sparky / Electro Wizard / Lumberjack / Bandit: This might help some cards survive tower shots and dish out an extra clutch shot/swing. However, this creates negative elixir trade, and might result in a bigger counterpush, because you used more elixir to attack the opponent. Overall, high risk, high reward.
  4. Heal + Fire and Ice Spirits: This is a desperate move, when you need 100-500 tower damage to end off a tower, so this is not exactly recommended.
  5. Heal + Miner / Ice Wizard / Prince / Spear Goblins / Dart Goblin / Baby Dragon / Witch / Archers / Goblins / Minions / Guards: This is used to also help dish out extra chip damage, and is good with fast cycle cheap damage deck. However, you still need to be considerate when using it to heal these cards.

Other troops were not listed in here, because they are either tanks that deal little damage (Lava Hound), don’t deal much damage if left alone (Ice Golem with an exception in defense), or just gets one shot by the tower (Skeletons, with an exception in defense).

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