Heal Draft Challenge

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Hi Guys What’s up we’re getting a really interesting challenge Heal Draft Challenge The first entry is free then It  and the next ones cost 100 Gems each This draft challenge will be almost exactly like the the bandit draft challenge. It will be a normal draft challenge, but every battle, one player will get the option to draft the heal spell. The rewards will be half of a normal grand challenge, but as with most special events, there will be extra rewards for hitting win milestones so come and take a look at thisHeal Draft Challenge gudie

Heal Draft Challenge

Clash Royale Heal Draft Challenge

Just like Bandit draft challenge by Supercell you have to pick 4 cards and remaining 4 cards will be received from your opponent. One of you will get to play with the Heal spell.

As you can see in the screenshot above, like the previous special challenges, we will also have one time rewards in this Heal Draft Challenge:


  • 4 Wins = 2,500 Gold.
  • 6 Wins = 10 Healing Spell Cards.
  • 8 Wins = Giant Chest based on your current Arena.
  • 10 Wins = 25,000 Gold.
  • 12 Wins = 100 Healing Spell Cards.

If you get 12 wins, you will have enough to upgrade your heal spell to tournament standard! Hitting 6 wins will give you enough heal spells to upgrade to 4.

Heal Draft Challenge!

Yay! Another Draft Challenge! That’s right guys, we’re gonna have another Draft Challenge for this soon released card! This time, though, the reward thresholds are stricter, requiring 4 wins for the first one-time reward! At 4 wins, you get 2500 gold. At 6 wins, you start getting 10 Heals. At 8 wins, you get a giant chest from your arena. At 10 wins, you get 25000 gold. Finally, at 12 wins, you get 100 Heals, which is enough for level 6, and exactly 76 cards away from level 7. There will be 1 free entry, for those of you who are skilled at draft mode and are FTP.

Tips on Getting 12 Wins in Draft Challenge!

Based on the interaction section of this post, I have an idea of how to succeed in this challenge. These ideas will be outlined below:

  • Tip 1: If you pick Heal, pick it with glass cannons for good synergy. The Heal in this situation will provide insane value for your glass cannons, especially if they were previously damaged by a low-medium damage spell.
  • Tip 2: Try to have at least 1 heavy hitting spell against glass cannons + heal. You should consider picking ONLY fireball with arrows, zap or log to prevent the opponent from healing their damaged troops. Any medium/low damage spell won’t do against glass cannons + heal, or just anything that doesn’t die from that spell, e.g. zap on goblins. That being said, a medium damage spell is versatile and good for almost every situation, so you should include one when you’re drafting.
  • Tip 3: Don’t forget a win condition and a building! This is one of the fundamental things about draft challenge, and everyone should be able to follow these rules. Just because you’re offered an extra glass cannon with heal spell doesn’t mean you should neglect the giant as a win condition. Win condition + glass cannons are always better than glass cannons themselves. A building is also needed, because it can distract the hog away from where your opponent places his heal spell. They are vital for good defense and good offense.

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