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Hey Graveyard Poison Deckguys Lolman here. I recently managed to crack 3900 with 9.5/7(no rares in the Graveyard Poison Deck though),4,1.5 This Graveyard Poison Deck does have 3 legendary cards which are hard to replace This Graveyard Poison Deck is Good For Arena 10+ Also Check Out Here Top 5 

I will try to put some replacements card if you don’t have those legendary cards This Graveyard Poison Deck is suited more for challenges where you have longer to chip at tower but I’ve had success with it on ladder so I wanted to share it with you guys so come and check out this Graveyard Poison Deck guide Also Check Out Here Top 5 Clas Royale Graveyard Decks 2017

Graveyard Poison Deck


Graveyard Poison Deck Card Role:

Knight- Main tank for graveyard. Good hp and great in defence. You will find that paired up with cards like skeles the knight can demolish an e-barb push. You want to save hp on a knight for the counterpush thus why skeles or ice wiz is necessary Also Check Out Here Top 5 

Ice wiz- Ideally I’d put an electro wiz here but ice wiz also works. You can’t really swap this card out. Slow/stun defender. It’s basically to make up for the low-ish dps on your deck by minimising damage.

Executioner- Wizard can replace this but lightning kills the wizard, your exe has to be atleast 2 levels below lightning to survive it I believe. So preferably a level 7 wiz over a level 1 executioner.

Skeleton- Hmm unsure if you can really replace them post buff. I prefer them over ice spirit as they are great for many different reasons. They’re better vs cards like the pekka etc and offer some good dps.

Tornado– This card is amazing with executioner. It’s meant to make up for lack of defensive card. Inferno tower vs lavaloon etc. You can use it to line up all those troops for executioner to just shred. It’s also great offensively. Say opponent defends graveyard with valk. Pull valk to the front of tower to deal with knight and so exe splashes the tower as well. Hog also is shut down by nado. Pull onto king tower, I’d say 1 time. Once active, defensive troops + pull hog to middle for all 3 towers is a great way to shut it down. Ie- If you plant ice wiz at back and hog comes running, pull hog to lane with ice wiz if they don’t push same lane or just to centre in general so ice wiz, + 3 tower attack it.

Log- Log can be swapped out for an overlevelled zap or arrows. Anything works. Main purpose is vs spell bait cards. 3 spells can’t really be out cycled. 

Gravyard- Main win condition. Does most the damage assuming opponent has no idea how to defend a knight. Which does a LOT of damage to a tower if undefended. You want to chip with gy+ poison. Goblin barrel sorta works as a replacement. Not quite as it’s very level dependent. Graveyard is great vs pump. Here’s an example of me capitilizing on enemies mistakes. Graveyard+ poison with knight tank is deadly for a pump user who defends the collector with squishy troops. Oh and something key. You can use graveyard skeles as tanks. Ie- If you want to keep executioner alive etc to deal with support and all. Just drop graveyard first before exe crosses bridge, skeles build up or exe deals with counters. 

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Poison- In my opinion poison is better than fireball because of duration. 10 second graveyard is almost completely protected. Sure horde and archers don’t die instantly but it gets wiped out. Skarmy as a defense is not an option either.

Instances where poison is handy and where it’s not enough. – CHECK HERE Rg+ support shredded by defending troops, nado + poison. While horde is only partially countered did about 400 damage.

Graveyard Poison Deck Gameplan:

Personally, I think this Graveyard Poison Deck is suited more for challenges where you have longer to chip at tower but I’ve had success with it on ladder so I wanted to share it with you guys. You want to start passively. Chip at tower when you can.

Don’t worry about early poisons if they give you value. Ie- Furnace +musket between furnace + tower. That’s ~ 2.1 elixir off furnace and say about 2 off musket and tower damage. (2.1 off musket because I believe poison = -3 waves of fire spirits at ~0.7 each).

You want to find out counters for graveyard first. If it’s a valk try and outcycle him before you graveyard. If it’s a defensive poison. Get them to use it offensively first etc. I wouldn’t rush with knight+ graveyard off the bat.

Executioner in back should not be first move till you know rocket is not in opponents deck. If rocket is in deck. Play exe in the middle reactively. Save nado if oppenent uses hog, lava or royal giant. As well as executioner.

So you need to play is slow. Exe+ nado usually can kill all supports for these cards. Don’t nado onto king tower too often as this will actually be bad for you IF they take your tower. You will take damage because there’s no defensive structure but not to worry you can take towers very fast with this.

If you get opponents tower down to log, poison range. Push for other tower. Pressure other lane and this means only 1 x tower attacks graveyard.

This deck isn’t great one opponent is 1 tower down. Deck is a defensive deck here are some instances of me demonstrating it.

You defend then graveyard counterpush. ((If you don’t have chance to punish opponent. Ie- When he or she places down collector))

Counterpushing- CHECK HERE

Graveyard on collector- Check Out here  (I dropped gy early because I wanted him to react to it before he kills my ice wizard. Ice wiz slows tower down so skeles can build up if unattended)

On a totally different side note. Deck is weak to sparky, honestly your best bet is to try and pressure other lane. Sometimes when it’s not a option just try your best. Here’s a game I won vs sparky. I was loosing initially but.. hmm he had a questionable deck and I made some very good plays after I took some hefty damage initially. I broke it down to several screenshots Check them out here 

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So guys this was the guide I hope you liked it and this Battle Ram Poison Miner Deck guide helps you to Reached 4k throphies. If you have any questions about the or the  guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments and don’t forget to watch yarn video below