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Hi Graveyard Pekka Night Witch Deck Guys cuzzy4 here and I have a personal PB of 5,1k with this Graveyard Pekka Night Witch Deck as a level 11. I qualified for the 2nd round of CCGS EU but couldn´t attend because of vacations. I love playing This Graveyard Pekka Night Witch Deck in  challenges (mostly classic challenges as I don’t spend a lot of money on the game) and try out different decks.Also Check Out Here Top 5 Clas Royale Graveyard Decks 2017

This is my first Pekka Graveyard Pekka Night Witch Deck strategy post, so I would appreciate some feedback so come and take a look at  this Graveyard Pekka Night Witch Deck guide Also Check Out Here Top 5 Clas Royale Graveyard Decks 2017

Graveyard Pekka Night Witch Deck


Graveyard Pekka Night Witch Deck Card Role:

Pekka – The best tank killer in the game right now as it is spell resistent. Keep in mind you don’t want to use it offensively, the Pekka is not a win condition in this deck. I just added him to this deck because everyone is using Golem (+NW) and Pekka is a hard counter. Keep this card in your hand until you see a tanky unit (Golem, Giant, Giant Skelly, Bowler, Executioner) and don’t just play it at the back. In single elixer, after defending with it, you don’t want to support it too much (maybe archers) as it is fairly easy to stop. In 2x elixer time, this card can act as a tank for your GY after a succesfull defense.

Graveyard – This card is – and always has been – one of the best and most consistant win conditions in the game. Keep in mind not to overextend and always have enough for poison. Otherwise, troops like archers or minions can completely shut down your graveyard.

Also Check Out Here Top 5 Clas Royale Graveyard Decks 2017

Ice Golem –  This is your main minitank for the graveyard. With the cost of 2 elixir you can effectively pressure the opponent with a GY and a possible poison when he commits to an expensive card (Collector, Golem, Hound etc.). After a good defense with archers/NW/EWiz you can counter attack with IG and GY.

Electro Wizard – After being outshined by the Night Witch, this card will come back in META due to the Battle Ram being so popular. Also it deals with Baby Dragons and the Night Witches seen in almost every deck as it attacks the NW and the bats. This card can perfectly support your defensive and offensive. Also helps your Pekka against Inferno and Inferno Dragon which is seen in some decks.

Night Witch –  Even after the nerf this card is one of the best cards in the game. Can deal massive DPS and handle almost every troop in the game. Keep in mind you want to play it as fast as you can defensively, so she can spawn more bats.

Archers –  Graveyard counter and cheap support troop for your IG and Pekka. Also, it makes your starting hands a lot less awkward as you can just split them in the back.

Poison –  Support spell for your Graveyard pushest to kill most counters. Try to get as much value out of it as possible. Also handles with enemy pumps.

Log –  Cheap and powerfull spell as you probably know. Crucial against Goblin Barrels and Gangs. Try to predict your opponents plays

The Pekka Night Witch Deck And General Game Plan

I got 12wins with this deck every time and only suffered 2 losses in 4 runs. I created the deck myself, as the META changed a lot after the recent balance changes. In challenges you see a lot of Golem, 3Musketeer and recently Bandit and Battleram decks. This deck is designed to counter all of them

Usually you want to wait untill your opponent makes the first move or split archers in the back. You can defend every push with this deck as it has troops that are incredibly strong on defense. In single elixir, your offensive push is only IG and GY. You can either use this to punish your opponent when he commits to a expensive troop, or when you have troops left from defending. In double elixir time, you can use your Pekka to defend more often. The elixir will regenerate fast enough for you to have GY and poison ready for a counterpush. This deck is incredibly strong in double elixir and overtime, as you can defend anything and will chip away using GY and poison.

Graveyard Pekka Night Witch Deck Matchups:

Golem beatdown This is probably the most common matchup and it has the highest win rate in the game according to However, you crush this deck. Use either poison or IG plus GY (same lane as pumps) to punish their pumps. Even if you fall behind in elixir, you can easily defend any Golem push with Pekka plus support. Your pekka will eventually die to their support troops, so just put an IG infront for the counterpush play GY and it’s gg. Very easy matchup.

3 Musketeer The second most common matchup at the moment. Handle Pumps he same way as above. Don’t be afraid of poisoning the Pump, as your Pekka can deal with the 2 Musketeer side. You have Ewiz to deal with Battleram and Goblin Gang, Night Witch and IG to stop Bandits and single Musketeers. Easy matchup.

Battleram/Bandit These type of decks have become very popular to punish pumps and keep the pressure high. Keep the Ewiz for the BRam and counter the Bandit with either a NW or and IG. Focus on defending and be patient until 2x elixir to attack with a good GY push. Easy matchup.

Hog There are differents variants out there and most oft hem will probably outcycle you. But this is no problem as you have enough counterst to the hog. Try to defend with NW or Ewiz in single elixir and use Pekka in double elixir for bigger Hog pushes. Hog decks are generally not very good against GY. Easy matchup.

Giant Pekka crushes the Giant before it can hit your tower. They may outcycle you once or twice but you can also stop their push using IG and NW. Easy Matchup.

Spell Bait Don’t play your Pekka! They have Inferno and lots of distraction troops so you won’t get value out of your Pekka. Defensively, you have log and Ewiz for Barrels and Gangs. Offensively, GY Poison is really strong against spell bait as all their troops are vulnerable to poison. Just make sure to get that maximum value out of poison (killing GG, Princess, Dart Gob etc.). Most of the games, I defend the whole first 2 minutes and try to keep their chip damage to a minimum, then finish them off with 1 or 2 GY Poison pushes in 2x elixir. Skillbased matchup, but more in your favor.

Lavaloon This deck has become less popuar due to the NW being so strong. In this matchup you will not play your Pekka once. However, you have 3 strong air targetting troops so you will have no trouble to defend. Remember to play your NW as early as possible so she can stack bats against the Hound. They will either Lightning her directly (leaving bats and making the way free for your Ewiz) or will have to arrow once she has stacked up 6 or 8 bats. To kill support troops (Minions, Mega Minion), kite them with the IG and place archers to finish them. Be sure to have poison ready on offense as almost every LH deck runs Minions and Goblin Gang/Skarmy. Easy matchup.

Xbow Pekka can get the aggro from the Xbow and destroy it. Keep your log ready as they will try to play stuff to distract your Pekka. They might also play an Inferno at the bridge – an easy target for your Ewiz. Very easy matchup.

Splashyard Once again – your Pekka is key. It is your only unit that can survive the splash tornado combo. Use it to stop enemy troops at the bridge so they won’t tank fort he GY. Also switch up your archers placement for defending so they can’t preemptively poison. Very skillbased matchup.

Graveyard cycle Probably the only matchup you will have serious trouble against. They will probably outcycle your archers and chip away with GY as they can play it more often than you. Try to survive single elixir and you may win this one. Hard matchup.

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Thanks for reading this Graveyard Pekka Night Witch Deck guide guys, feel free to try out this Graveyard Pekka Night Witch Deck and please leave some feedback in the comments.