Mortar Knight Deck

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Hi Graveyard Mortar Knight Deck Guys BrodyCR here and I used This Graveyard Mortar Knight To The  finishing 12-2 with one of my favorite Graveyard Mortar Knight Deck. I’ve been a siege player for quite a while, but have become bored of the popular Mortar Cycle and Xbow Cycle after playing them for many seasons Also Check Out Here Top 5 Clas Royale Graveyard Decks 2017

This new Graveyard Mortar Knight Deck I’ve been using for Grand Challenges and some Ladder having a lot of success. And With the recent Mortar buff this deck only became stronger so come and take a look at this Mortar Knight Deck guide Also Check Out Here Top 5 Clas Royale Graveyard Decks 2017

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Mortar Knight Deck

Graveyard Mortar Knight Deck Card Role:

Mortar : This is one of two win conditions in the deck and can be used on defense and offense both very well. Getting 1-2 successful mortar shots off on an enemy’s tower is a win in my book. Don’t make the mistake of over-defending your mortar allowing the enemy to punish you with their saved up elixir. When playing the mortar on defense against Golems and Giants knowing the proper spot to drag the enemy tank Check Out here will help you out tremendously. this spot will drag enemy Golems and Giants but not drag the enemy troops allowing you to take out the supporting units of the tank.

Graveyard : The second win condition of the deck is great if you’re having a hard time getting a mortar to connect with the enemy tower. The graveyard and mortar, while they may seem like an unlikely combo, mesh together very well because they both have the same goal. They both work towards getting a 1-0 victory. Rarely will you find that you win the game with more than one tower but it happens on occasion if you catch the off guard with your graveyard. I find that the best time to use graveyard is in double elixir when you have a knight with a decent amount of health and an archer or musketeer to support it. It is also optimal to use it if an enemy plays a pump and you want to prevent and elixir deficit.Also Check Out Here Top 5 Clas Royale Graveyard Decks 2017

Poison : The Poison is Primarily used on offense to assist your graveyard push, but works in defending against a strong enemy push or minion horde.

Knight : The Knight is a great addition to this deck and other siege decks because of its versatility and cheap cost. He can be used in many situations and does a great job protecting the mortar, tanking for your graveyard, and defending your tower.

Musketeer : Musketeer may seem like a weird addition to a mortar deck but i find it fits very well as I’ve been playing against a lot of baby dragons, inferno dragons, and Night witches. She also has a decent range allowing her to safely sit far behind the mortar and protect it.

Archers: Another Versatile card that works especially well in defending your mortar and your towers. I often split archers as my opening move as it is a good defensive play and allows your to draw out enemy cards or start a push with the mortar. Archers are important for defending against enemy graveyards, baby dragons, inferno dragons etc…

Skeletons : Skeletons being only one elixir are a good fit for this deck allowing you to cycle quickly and play defense if you’re on very low elixir. I find they do very well against hog riders, Pekkas, elite barbs, inferno towers, Ewiz etc… I also like to split skeletons as an opening move if i don’t have archers. Skeletons can also be placed in front of your offensive mortar to protect it and see what the enemy plays to counter your mortar, while not committing too much elixir to your push.

The Log : One of the most important cards in the deck that protects your mortar from goblin gangs, princess, goblin barrels and other weak units. Useful for knocking back enemy troops or delaying them from reaching your tower.

Mortar Knight Deck Other Tips:

The main strategy i use whilst playing this deck is to do as much mortar damage during single elixir and then punishing with graveyard during Double elixir/overtime after they’ve become “comfortable” countering the other cards.

If the enemy has an expensive tank in hand (Golem, Pekka, Royal Giant) don’t try to play your mortar offensively, wait and play iton defense. Then punish them with graveyard or outcycle their win condition to get a mortar lock on their tower.

Take advantage of the mortar’s blind spot. If you play your mortar at the bridge and your opponent plays a hog, valkyrie, Pekka etc that will melee your mortar wait right up until they’re about to hit the mortar then play your knight to take the attention away from your mortar. Your crown tower will attack the enemy unit along with your knight, and your mortar will not recognize the troop in it’s blind spot and go for the opponent’s tower.

The best time to use the mortar most effectively is in single elixir where the enemy has less time to generate elixir to play their tank.

A mortar played at the river in the middle of the map can attack an opponent’s elixir collector that is placed in between their crown towers.

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Any other advice to make this Mortar Knight Deck post better would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to everyone who tries to use this Mortar Knight Deck

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